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Permission to Procure - Sexual Health Services

Meeting: 26/03/2015 - Cabinet (Item 161)

161 Permission to Procure - A Sexual Health and HIV Service pdf icon PDF 145 KB

To consider a report from the Interim Corporate Director – Health & Care Services


Cabinet considered the report of the Interim Corporate Director – Health and Care Services which set out the proposed timetable and method of procurement of Sexual Health and HIV services totalling £2.86m per annum, with a view to new contracts being in place by 1st October 2015. The annual funding associated with current Cumbria County Council Sexual Health activity was approximately £2.06m per annum. However, going forward, £1.86m per annum formed the upper limit of the County Council’s planned financial commitment for the new contract in regard to the budget consultation process.

The current funding associated with the NHS England HIV Service was approximately £1m per annum. However, tendering collaboratively with the NHS would enable the Council to drive out the most effective, qualitative and safe model to serve the residents of Cumbria. The proposed tender would seek proposals for both the delivery of the NHS commissioned services (North Cumbria for HIV outpatients) and Local Authority commissioned services, each on a stand-alone basis. However, a model and price would also be sought should a bidder secure both awards.  

This report built upon the report to Cabinet in December 2013 and the further development of an Integrated Wellbeing Service.


RESOLVED,that the commencement of the procurement exercise with two lots (Sexual Health Services and HIV Services) in April 2015 be approved as set out in paragraph 5.2 (Option 1: a county wide contract for sexual health and HIV services).  The contract to commence on 1 October 2015 until 30 September 2018, with the option to extend by up to 12 months.