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CYP 07.12.18 - Children's Improvement Plan

Meeting: 07/12/2018 - Scrutiny Advisory Board - Children and Young People (Item 27)

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To consider a report from the Executive Director – People (Deputy Chief Executive).

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Members considered a report from the Executive Director – People (Deputy Chief Executive) on the Children’s Improvement Plan. The report provided the Board with an update on the progress of the plan and of the issues raised at the last meeting of the Joint Chair’s Group.




Three areas were identified as being particular concerns;


·         CSE – Child Sexual Exploitation

·         CLA in EET – Children Looked after in education or training

·         Management oversight


A discussion took place about the portfolio for Early Help and how changes might be made to assure progress in this area, including joint working practices.


Members discussed facilities for victims of CSE after concerns are raised over the future of a centre in Barrow. The Board was informed that a Police and Crime Commission report into the condition of Victim Support contact centres would be brought to a future meeting of the Corporate Parenting Board.


Transitions and disabilities are cited as focus areas as changes in the functions of the directorate (People now incorporates Children and Adults) will allow for a more seamless provision of services.


RESOLVED that,    

1)        Revisions be made to the format of the presentations as a standing item for future boards. To include: brief narrative overview which sets the context of improvement and performance over the period; glossary of acronyms; a revised format of coloured bar charts.

2)        Future items include district breakdowns of data particularly where performance is concerned.

3)        A private presentation be made to the Board in February on the introduction of the Signs of Safety model.

4)        An update be provided on the location and capacity of facilities for victims of sexual assault in Cumbria, and link this in to the mapping that the Police and Crime Commissioner is working on regarding victim support services.

5)        An enquiry be made into how looked after children and young people are supported in finding ‘weekend jobs’, given the decline of work in this area.

6)        Information be provided into the recruitment and vacancy rates of Social Workers including an update on progress with the Social Worker Academy.