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Integrated Commissioning arrangements with North Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group

Meeting: 17/10/2019 - Cabinet (Item 50)

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To consider a joint report from the Interim Executive Director – People and the Executive Director – Corporate, Customer and Community Services (copy enclosed)


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Cabinet considered a report from the Interim Executive Director – People which sought approval for the Council to work in more close alignment with NHS North Cumbria Commissioning Group (NCCCG) through strengthened approaches to joint commissioning.  This would involve the Council acting as the lead-commissioner, on behalf of both organisations, for a specific range of services.


The Cabinet Member for Health and Care Services introduced the report explaining that the proposals aim to support the Council’s vision, set out in the Council Plan, for people to be healthy and safe and to improve strategic and operational integration between the NHS and the Council for the benefit of the community.


She explained that there is a willingness from both the Council and the NCCCG to build on current joint working with the aims of improving outcomes, safety and experience, value and the sustainability and capacity of the provider market. Strategic integration will enable operational integration, which in turn will facilitate a stronger health and care system emerging in Cumbria.


The report sought permission for the Council, working with NCCCG to deliver commissioning system leadership in North Cumbria, in line with the Council’s vision and Plan.


The Chair supported the proposals, highlighting their importance in supporting greater integration in a context of differing NHS and local government legislation.


RESOLVED, that Cabinet


                   (1)    Endorse the continuing strategic integration between the Council and NCCCG.


                   (2)    Subject to written confirmation from NCCCG, approve the Council accepting delegation(s) of commissioning responsibility and to entering agreement(s) under section 75 NHS Act or otherwise together with any other action(s) required to implement the acceptance of delegations from NCCCG and the subsequent delivery of such delegated functions.


                   (3)    Approve in principle (subject to 2 above), the Council undertaking a lead-commissioner role for the services in scope under the Mental Health work stream.


                   (4)    Delegate to the Executive Director – People, in consultation with relevant Members, authority to carry out all actions necessary to implement integration under the Mental Health work stream and all future work streams as work in these areas progresses.


                   (5)    Approve consideration of reciprocal delegations, where appropriate, from the Council to NCCCG for areas where such delegation strengthens overall commissioning practice in Cumbria and to bring any proposed delegations arising to a future meeting of Cabinet for determination.