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Information about County Council

The main roles of the full Council are:-


(1)      To approve the Constitution;


(2)      To determine policies that set the framework for the way in which the

County  Council  carries  out  its  functions.    These  are  called  “Policy

Framework   Documents”   and   are   set   out   in   the   articles   of   the Constitution;


(3)      To approve the Council’s revenue and capital budget and the Council

Tax precept.


The County Council is committed to providing opportunities for the people of Cumbria to have a say in the Council's work and is keen to encourage the public to attend meetings, listen to debates and give residents the opportunity to make their views known on issues they feel strongly about.  Follow the link to the Public Participation Scheme to find out how you can get involved by asking questions, presenting petitions, or leading deputations at meetings.