Agenda item

ICC Update

To receive a verbal update on Integrated Care Communities (ICC).



Following on from previous updates given to Eden Local Committee by Angie Reynolds, ICC Development Manager for Eden, an update was given in respect of the Integrated Care Communities (ICC) in Cumbria and Eden by Derek Houston, Senior Manager Health and Care Integration, and Jackie Dodd, Public Health Locality Manager.


Derek Houston, Senior Manager Health and Care Integration, explained that although Angie Reynolds and Ashley Liston, GP lead for Eden ICC are unable to attend this meeting, a seminar can be held at a later date where the ICC development can be looked at in more detail.


Derek Houston, Senior Manager Health and Care Integration advised that there were 15 ICCs in Cumbria with 8 in the South of the county and 7 in the North.


There have been developments covering all the ICCs since the last update with focus being given to three areas.


  1. To make the whole team more integrated.
  2. How the ICC can adapt to local circumstances.
  3. To have a more joined up experience for patients.


A business case has been agreed for North Cumbria and in phase 1, Rapid Response teams will be set up which will be clinical staff dealing with triage work to initially screen patients who would normally spend time within hospitals when it was not necessary. This will help in reducing hospital admissions with more patients being assisted at home.


It will take time to have these teams in place due to redeploying and recruiting experienced staff.


Next year the focus will be on introducing Integrated Case Management Systems for teams so that Social Workers, GPs and paramedics will have access to patient’s medical records.


Jackie Dodd, Public Health Locality Manager, advised the Committee of ICC developments in Eden.


In addition to the work in progress at Alston and the Appleby Together work, lots of activity was underway. GP surgeries are working closer together.  The surgeries are extending access and looking at electronic consultations. Protected Learning Time (PLT) is providing an opportunity for GP’s to focus on local priorities such as dementia.  Adult Social Care and reablement services are continuing to look at ways to support people at home and the development of the Rapid Response aims to reduce the need for people to go into hospital as well as supporting people to be discharged quickly from hospital. The public health and well being initiatives led by the public health and communities’ team at the County Council are a key part of the prevention system to reduce demand on the system in the first place.


The development of the Hub which will base community staff at the Lonsdale Unit at Penrith Hospital is a priority. Meetings have been held with community staff from across the system to consider the colocation and integration of services.  Staff are positive about the move which will be of great benefit to the people of Eden. There will also be satellite sites in Alston and Appleby.


A concern was raised by a Member regarding public engagement with Eden ICC.  


Jackie Dodd, Public Health Locality Manager explained that the public had been involved with Alston and Appleby and that an overall communications plan was  being developed which includes proposals for regular newsletters to go out with the Herald.


The Member suggested that Public meetings may also be a method of gaining the public’s engagement. 


A question was raised from a Member regarding concerns regarding care for patients during Protected Learning Time. The Member will discuss this with Jackie Dodd, Public Health Locality Manager and Derek Houston, Senior Manager Health and Care Integration, outside of this meeting.


Derek Houston, Senior Manager Health and Care Integration, explained that when the ICC is fully operational there will be more co operation between surgeries, however this is a question he will take forward and will distribute the reply to the Committee Members.


 A Member expressed a view that Eden ICC was not progressing as well as other ICC’s. 


Jackie Dodd, Public Health Locality Manager, reported that North Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group and CPFT were pleased with progress and had suggested Eden apply for a national award.


The Committee decided that it would be beneficial if a separate private Seminar could be organised for the Committee members to fully understand the ICC concept which will help them be more engaged with the system.


The committee was grateful for the update.