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[Electoral Divisions: All Carlisle]


To consider a report by the Executive Director – Corporate, Customer and Community Services (copy enclosed).


This report provides an update on its agreed activity, a financial statement in support of these activities and requests decisions on a range of issues.



The Local Committee considered a report by the Executive Director – Corporate, Customer and Community Services which provided members with recommendations for grants and asked to consider, note and approve recommendations in respect of budget commitments, grant allocations from the recommendations of its strategic Grants Panel and other relevant matters relating to area planning.


Members noted that at their meeting on 19 March 2019 a grant of £4,742 had been allocated to Rising Stars towards purchasing equipment to fit out an Autism Sensory Room at Carlisle Library.  It was explained there were additional costs of £6,400 to refurbish the identified room within the library which were not budgeted for and which would mean that the project may not be able to proceed as planned without the additional funding.


The Committee was informed that the composition of the Infrastructure Working Group comprised the Chair and Vice-Chair of Carlisle Local Committee, therefore, Mr L Fisher would be appointed in his new role as Vice-Chair of the Committee.


Members were informed that thanks had been received from the Parish of Our Lady of Eden towards the funding they had received from the Local Committee for the dedication and renovation of the war memorial.  Thanks were also extended to the Leader of the Council for the unveiling of the war memorial.


The local Member for Dalston and Burgh raised concerns regarding users of Dalston Library who were not IT literate.  A request was made to establish a group ticket provision and it was agreed the Area Manager (Carlisle) would discuss this further with the local Member.


The local Member for Yewdale thanked the Local Committee for their contribution of £3,000 to Yewdale Community Centre towards a pilot programme of additional support to benefit families accessing the nursery.  He then raised his concerns regarding funding arrangements for small independent nurseries and informed members he had raised this matter with the appropriate Assistant Director to ascertain whether this was a countywide issue.


The Committee’s attention was drawn to a multi?agency policing event which had taken place in Carlisle.  Concerns were raised regarding the lack of an invitation being extended to Carlisle Local Committee members.  The Area Manager informed members he had no knowledge of this event but agreed to investigate this matter further.


RESOLVED,     that


                            (1)       the commitments made and the remaining balances within delegated budgets and the grants detailed in Appendix 1 of the report be noted;


                            (2)       the following grants made from General Provision fund (detailed in Appendix 2 of the report) be noted:-


                                        (a)     £4,500 to Petteril Bank Community Centre towards the costs of an options appraisal;


                                        (b)     £3,000 to Upperby Seniors Club towards the costs of upgrading lighting and emergency lighting;


                                        (c)     £2,500 to AWAZ towards the costs of the Unity Festival;


                                        (d)     £5,000 to Carlisle Rugby Club towards the costs of replacing the pitch perimeter fence;


                            (3)       the following grants made from 0?19 grant funding (as detailed in Appendix 3 of the report) be noted:-


                                        (a)     £1,800 to Botcherby Community Centre towards setting up a parent/carer toddler group;


                                        (b)     £1,000 to Morton Community Centre towards a summer play scheme;


                                        (c)     £410 to UniSun Athletic Junior Football Club towards a summer tournament;


                                        (d)     £2,000 to The Rock Youth Project towards for a pilot ‘senior plus’ youth session;


                                        (e)     £3,000 to Yewdale Community Centre towards a pilot programme of additional support to benefit families accessing the nursery,


                                        (f)      £2,500 to Carlisle Youth Zone towards a holiday hunger project to run in summer holidays;


                                        (g)     £1,050 to Bees Youth Club towards costs of outdoor instructors for annual residential;


                                        (h)    £2,000 to Dalston Recreation Association towards costs for play equipment for older children;


                                        (i)      £5,000 to Kingmoor Nursery & Infant School PTA to develop an outdoor play area/community space;


                            (4)       the findings of the Library Service review specifically to cease book drops at Monkhill and Burgh by Sands and change provision at Denton Holme from branch library to Library Link be noted;


                            (5)       £6,400 be allocated from the Area Planning Fund for works within Carlisle Library to create an autism sensory room.


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