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Response of the Executive Director to Carlisle Local Committee Referral - Relating to the removal of waste from skips and the wearing of seatbelts by pupils travelling on County Council provided home to school transport

To consider a response from the Executive Director – Economy and Infrastructure (copy enclosed).



The Cabinet Member presented a report from the Executive Director – Economy and Infrastructure which detailed Cabinet’s response to the referral from Carlisle Local Committee.


Members of Carlisle Local Committee had raised their concerns regarding the prosecution of individuals for the removal of goods from skips both on the highway and at Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs).  It was suggested that Cabinet be recommended to raise the prosecution issues with regards to a change in the legislation with the Local Government Association.


At the same meeting Carlisle Local Committee members highlighted that home to school transport was subsidised by the Authority and suggested that the wearing of seatbelts could be made mandatory in future procurement contracts.


The opportunities to enable members of the public to retrieve for re-use items discarded at HWRC’s had been reviewed by the Communities and Place Scrutiny Board and had been the subject of a task and finish group and associated action plan. The barriers which currently prevented members of the public retrieving items at County Council HWRC’s were primarily related to contractual matters.  It was noted that under no circumstances should members of the public remove items from the skips at HWRC’s on safety grounds and that any future opportunities for the public to retrieve items from HWRC’s would require careful management to ensure public safety.

Officers continued to work with the Council’s contractor to seek options to overcome these contractual barriers.


The issues surrounding the retrieval, by members of the public, of discarded items placed in skips privately procured by householders was complex.


In addition there were issues to consider in relation to the health and wellbeing of the public in relation to the contents of any skip.  As a consequence it was recommended that Cabinet endorsed the publically available advice that members of the public wishing to retrieve discarded items from skips on the highway should seek permission from the relevant householder or from the company supplying the skip.


In relation to the wearing of seatbelts on home to school transport, the County Council had several clauses regarding seatbelts in its school transport contracts, and these had been standard in the County Council’s Terms & Conditions for several years.  In addition to this, the mandatory wearing of seatbelts policy made it clear to both parents and children using home to school transport, and this was supported by the bus operators and schools.


RESOLVED   that,


(1)     In relation to element 1 it is recommended that Cabinet refer to the progress being made through the Communities and Place Scrutiny Board “Waste and Third Sector Task and Finish” work, which is appended to this report;

(2)     In relation to element 2, it is recommended that Cabinet endorse the existing publically available advice, which recommends that members of the public wishing to retrieve items from skips on the highway seek permission of the householder or skip company.


(3)     Mandatory Wearing of Seatbelts on Home to School Transport: Cabinet note that the wearing of seatbelts on home to school transport is a requirement set out in the current procurement terms and conditions for home to school transport. Cabinet are asked to note the measures already taken by the procurement team to ensure that contract conditions are complied with by transport providers commissioned by the County Council to provide home to school transport.


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