Agenda item

Barrow Area Planning Report

[Electoral Divisions: All Barrow]


To consider a report by the Executive Director – Corporate, Customer and Community Services (copy enclosed).


This report provides Local Committee with an update on its work and agreed activity since the last meeting of the Committee.  It also includes a financial statement in support of the work of the Local Committee for Members’ information.



The Committee considered a report from the Executive Director – Corporate, Customer and Community Services which brought together information from across the Community teams including Community Development, Waste Prevention and Libraries and provided an update on work and agreed activity since the last meeting of the Committee.


Members received information regarding an application from Cumbria Youth Alliance which was a registered charity established in 1997 set up to be the lead organisation for youth work in Cumbria and support young people aged 14 to 25 who were furthest from the labour market.


The Committee was informed the application was the final year of a three year Big Lottery Funded Project run in partnership with Cumbria County Council.  It was explained that the Group was working jointly to reduce duplication and ensure that they filled the gaps in the emotional/mental health provision for young people in Barrow.  Members noted that the grant would be used to bring in match funding from Big Lottery so it could increase the investment in services that would support the emotional resilience of young people across Barrow.


Members noted that if a grant of £10,000 was awarded that enabled the organisation to commission £32,000 of programmes in Barrow Borough, therefore, increasing the impact of what they could achieve with support.  It was highlighted that all of the £10,000 would be used to commission local organisations/services that would directly support young people in the Barrow Borough area.


The Committee received an update on the Children’s Services Pilot Approach.  It was explained that in the south of the County a pilot approach to new ways of working was being established with local partners including The Well, Family Action and Women’s Community Matters, together with the police and health colleagues. 


Members noted one of the key issues that had been highlighted related to the impact of drugs and alcohol.  It was explained that as a result, and following discussions, a proposal had been made to bring a full time member of staff from The Well in addition to a number of volunteers to support this pilot.  In order to provide capacity around this Project and enable The Well to provide additional staffing resource to the work, Local Committee was asked to consider contributing to funding this position at £7,500 from the Local Committee Children’s Strategic Funding. 


The Committee was informed that Barrow Foodbank received community grants a number of years ago to support vulnerable families and children at Christmas time.  It was explained this was to provide extra non-essential ‘nice to have’ food Christmas provisions and a small gift for families and children to go some way to reduce the financial burden/pressure on families at Christmas time. 


Members were, therefore, asked to consider awarding a grant of £10,000 from the General Provisions budget towards the cost of the Christmas Provision Pack.  It was highlighted that this would enable further funding to then be applied from funds such as Barrow Borough Council Hardship Fund.


The Committee was informed that due to the introduction of staggered start and finish times as a result of COVID 19 the Headteacher of St Mary’s School, Dalton had advised that the existing school crossing patrol cover was not sufficient.  It was explained that following discussions with the Chair of the Local Committee, the Headteacher and Orian, it has been agreed that the hours would be temporarily increased for this term initially, and that the school would reimburse the Council (via Local Committee’s budget) for this additional cost.


The local Member for Dalton North asked whether it was anticipated that the funding of up to £3m available from the Borderlands Project would still be solely for Dalton and not divided with Ulverston.  The Local Area Manager confirmed funding allocations had still to be agreed but there were no proposals to merge Dalton and Ulverston.  During the course of discussion it was confirmed that Stakeholder Meetings would be scheduled in the next couple of weeks. 


The Committee received an update on work undertaken with children and young people during COVID 19.  Members were informed this had remained a key area of work for Local Committee and had been a standing item on the Barrow Local Resilience Group Agenda, with partners coming together to address any issues that had arisen throughout the pandemic.  It was explained that the new Locality Children’s Trust Board (LCTB) had held two workshops to develop a LCTB which would be a multi-agency partnership in the Barrow Borough area which would consider a number of priorities and workstreams.  During the course of discussion it was agreed that Youth Services would form part of a future Area Planning event.


Members were informed of an LEA Governor vacancy at the Newbridge House Pupil Referral Unit and Borough Councillor Seward was nominated for the position.


The Chair, on behalf of the Committee, thanked all officers for their support during the pandemic.


RESOLVED,   that


                          (1)          the report be noted;


                          (2)          a grant of £10,000 for Cumbria Youth Alliance towards the Emotional Resilience Project from Strategic 0-19 Service budget allocation be agreed;


                          (3)          £7,500 from the 0-19 Service budget allocation to support the pilot new ways of working with Children’s Services and partners be agreed;


                          (4)          £10,000 funding from the General Provisions budget allocation to support families throughout the Christmas period be agreed.


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