Agenda item

Area Managers Update

To consider a report from the Executive Director - Corporate, Customer and Community Services.


Members considered a report from the Executive Director – Corporate, Customer and Community Services which provided an update on the activity across Allerdale and detailed grant applications received that exceeded £5,000 for approval.

The Area Manager introduced the report by outlining the Cumbria Youth Alliance (CYA) funding application for the continuation of the Friday Night Youth Projects across Allerdale. CYA would lead on funding bids, undertake quality checks, provide staff training and support and undertake reports to funders which would allow the small groups within the partnership to focus on direct youth work with the young people and to cut down on the administrative burden placed on the smaller groups.


Members asked for clarification about whether activities for these small groups had been carried out online over the course of the pandemic and it was confirmed that although usual face to face activities had been suspended, there had been some online provision. The Local Member for Seaton praised the CYA for their work in identifying and supporting young people who weren’t eligible for support from statutory services.


The Area Manager then discussed the recommendation to de-commit £15,000 previously allocated to funding apprenticeships from the 0-19 Fund, as the funding for the identified posts had become available elsewhere. For this reason officers were suggesting the funds be used to purchase IT equipment to support young people in virtual learning who didn’t qualify for the central government grant. The scheme had been conceived in cooperation with Allerdale Borough Council through the Community Resilience Group and would be rolled out through the schools so as to ensure the equipment was used for the purpose identified. The Vice-chair stated though working closely with the schools was very important, referrals should also be accepted from the Council’s other partners to ensure no young person missed out.

Members sought assurance that there would be arrangements in place to reclaim IT equipment after they had served their purpose. It was clarified that following the government scheme, the equipment would be in the ownership of the schools and this would be their responsibility.

The Area Manager then provided an update on activities across Allerdale and detailed the Covid Winter Grants which would target children, families and vulnerable adults. The Area Manager advised the meeting that an amount of £38.5K had been allocated to Allerdale to specifically support vulnerable adults.

The Local Member for Thursby as the Leader of Allerdale Borough Council provided an update on Maryport’s application to the Future High Street Fund. Members were pleased to hear that Maryport had been granted £12.73M to spend on redevelopment.

The Local Member for Wigton asked that the consultants working on the Borderlands project contact the Wigton Town Council as a major stakeholder in the project about presenting to the next Wigton Town Council meeting.

Members thanked officers for their exceptional work for the community in delivering Christmas parcels under challenging circumstances.


1)    Members note the contents of the report.


2)    Members agree that an amount of £20,000 is allocated from the 11-19 Universal Provision Fund for Cumbria Youth Alliance.


3)    Members agree to de-commit £15,000 previously allocated to funding apprenticeships from the 0-19 Fund, due to funding for the identified posts being available elsewhere.


4)    Members agree to an amount of up to £15,000 is allocated from the 0-19 Fund to purchase IT equipment for school age children where Covid-19 is continuing to impact on their ability to fully engage in learning if they need to self-isolate.



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