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Title Date Effective from Call-ins
County Council Enforcement Policy31/01/2018For Determination  
Review of Third Party Agreements on the Highway Network31/01/2018Recommendations Approved  
Proposal for the creation of a Major Road Network31/01/2018For Determination  
Transport for the North - Appointment of Members and Draft Strategic Transport Plan31/01/2018For Determination  
Council Performance and Risk Management Framework31/01/2018For Determination  
Public Consultation on Barrow Local Plan Pre-Submission Draft - Further Changes22/12/2017Recommendations Approved  
Allerdale Local Plan – Site Allocations Preferred Options Consultation30/11/2017Recommendations Approved  
Award of a Framework contract for the Provision of Training and Accreditation of Apprenticeships22/12/2017Recommendations Approved  
A590 Jubilee Bridge Walney – Major Maintenance22/12/2017Abandoned  
Appointment of members to Transport for the North22/12/2017For Determination  
ALLERDALE AREA MANAGER'S REPORT ref: 34605/12/201705/12/2017Not for call-in
Council Plan 2018 - 202230/11/2017Recommendations Approved  
Cumbria LSCB Early Help Strategy ref: 34415/09/201715/09/2017Not for call-in
CUMBRIA LGPS BOARD UPDATE ref: 33819/09/201719/09/2017Not for call-in
Annual Performance Review - Presented by Mark Philip of State Street ref: 34219/09/201719/09/2017Not for call-in
Response from Scrutiny to Strategic Planning Consultation31/10/2017For Determination  
Corporate Performance Monitoring Report – Quarter 2 201729/09/2017For Determination  
Local Plan Consultation Response on the Pre Submission Draft Development Plan Document for the Arnside & Silverdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.29/09/2017For Determination  
Local Plan Consultation Response on the Pre Submission Draft Development Management Policies Development Plan Document for South Lakeland29/09/2017Recommendations Approved  
Response to the Scrutiny Response to Strategic Planning Consultation31/10/2017For Determination  
Fire Service Statement of Assurance29/09/2017For Determination  
Bid into “Controlling the Impact of Migrations” Support Fund29/09/2017For Determination  
APPOINTMENT OF INDEPENDENT PERSONS ref: 33529/06/201729/06/2017Not for call-in
Notices of Motion ref: 33629/06/201729/06/2017Not for call-in
School Admission Arrangements 2019/2031/07/2017Recommendations Approved  
Corporate Performance Monitoring Report – Quarter 1 2017/1830/06/2017Recommendations Approved  
SLLC 25/07/17 - Appointments to Working Groups ref: 33425/07/201725/07/2017Not for call-in
Update on the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 policy30/06/2017For Determination  
Public Consultation on Barrow Borough Local Plan – Pre-Submission Draft30/06/2017For Determination  
Youth Justice Strategic Plan 2017-201801/06/2017For Determination  
Copeland Borough Council Local Plan – Site Allocations and Policies Development Plan Document (DPD) Preferred Options (2)28/04/2017Abandoned  
Award of Contract – Construction of a new Special Education Needs School in Ulverston30/12/2016Recommendations Approved  
Cumbria Cycling Strategy31/03/2017For Determination  
Appointment of Cabinet Working Groups and Representation on Outside Bodies31/03/2017For Determination  
Cumbria Minerals and Waste Local Plan 2015 - 2013031/03/2017Recommendations Approved  
Corporate Performance Monitoring Report – Quarter 4 2016/1731/03/2017For Determination  
Connecting Cumbria - Update ref: 33121/03/201721/03/2017Not for call-in
Early Years Funding Formula 2017/18 ref: 33216/03/2017Item Called InNot for call-in
Award of Contracts for inclusion on the Cumbria County Council Foster Care Framework ref: 33316/03/201716/03/2017Not for call-in
Children’s Commissioning Framework28/02/2017Abandoned  
Award of Contract - Extra Care Housing and Supported Living Framework Agreement31/01/2017For Determination  
2016/17 Revenue and Budget Monitoring to 31 December 201631/01/2017For Determination  
Allerdale Borough Council Local Plan Site Allocations – Preferred Options Consultation30/12/2016For Determination  
County Council’s response to the South Lakeland Local Plan Draft Arnside and Silverdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Development Plan Document31/01/2017For Determination  
Corporate Performance Monitoring Report – Quarter 3 2016/1731/01/2017For Determination  
Council Plan Delivery Plan 2017/1830/12/2016For Determination  
South Lakeland Local Plan Consultation Response on Draft Development Management Policies Development Plan Document31/01/2017For Determination  
Award of contract for the design and build of two 60 bed care homes in Carlisle & Copeland30/12/2016For Determination  
Award of a Framework for Operated Plant30/11/2016For Determination  
Strategic Flood Recovery Grant30/12/2016Recommendations Approved  
Award of Contract - Independent Day Services Framework Agreement30/12/2016For Determination  
Whitehaven Education Campus - Full Business Case30/12/2016For Determination  
Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme (ESMCP)30/12/2016For Determination  
Resettlement of Syrian Refugees in Cumbria and Support for Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children ref: 32915/12/201615/12/2016Not for call-in
Apologies for Absence ref: 33004/01/201704/01/2017Not for call-in
Community Asset Transfer/Disposal at under market value: Various Properties - land and buildings in Brough, Cockermouth Dalton, Silloth and Workington30/11/2016For Determination  
Modernisation of Cumbria Care Residential Care30/11/2016For Determination  
Draft Revenue Budget 2017/18 and Medium Term Financial Plan 2017/18 – 2019/20 and Draft Capital Programme 2017-202230/11/2016For Determination  
APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE ref: 32702/11/201602/11/2016Not for call-in
Digital Strategy Progress Update ref: 32126/09/201626/09/2016Not for call-in
Inclusion Strategy30/09/2016For Determination  
Scrutiny Response to Budget Consultation31/10/2016For Determination  
Response to Scrutiny Response to Budget Consultation31/10/2016For Determination  
Success Regime Consultation31/10/2016For Determination  
Schools Funding Formula 2017/1831/10/2016For Determination  
Corporate Performance Monitoring Report – Quarter 2 2016/1731/10/2016Recommendations Approved  
APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE ref: 32308/09/201608/09/2016Not for call-in
Barrow Borough Council Local Plan – Submission Consultation30/09/2016For Determination  
School Admission Arrangements 2018/1930/09/2016For Determination  
Referral from Allerdale Local Committee re:fluoridation30/09/2016Recommendations Approved  
English National Concessionary Travel Scheme 2017/1830/09/2016For Determination  
Fire Service Integrated Risk Management Plan – Year 2 Action Plan30/09/2016For Determination  
Fire Service Statement of Assurance30/09/2016For Determination  
Community Safety Strategy Update30/09/2016For Determination  
Prevent Strategy Update30/09/2016For Determination  
2016/17 Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring to 30 September 201630/09/2016Recommendations Approved  
Dedicated Schools Grant High Need Block31/05/2016For Determination  
Award of Contract - Provision of Residential and Nursing Care31/08/2016Recommendations Approved  
Council Membership of Transport for the North31/08/2016Abandoned  
United Utilities Legacy Fund30/09/2016Abandoned  
Children in the care of the County Council and Placement Costs to include: Foster Carer Payments30/09/2016Abandoned  
Integration with Health Partners29/07/2016For Determination  
Response of the Corporate Director to the Scrutiny Review – Autism Task and Finish Group31/08/2016For Determination  
Scrutiny Review - Autism Task and Finish Group31/08/2016For Determination  
Property Asset Management Strategy 2016 - 202131/08/2016Abandoned  
Extra Care Housing29/07/2016For Determination  
Efficiency Statement (2017/18 – 2019/20) - Cumbria County Council29/07/2016Abandoned  
Development of the Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) 2017 to 202031/08/2016Recommendations Approved  
Local Committee Sub Group Vacancies ref: 31814/07/201614/07/2016Not for call-in
2016 Public Health Strategy Delivery Plan29/07/2016For Determination  
Winter Highways Service Review 2015-1629/07/2016For Determination  
The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 Policy29/07/2016For Determination  
Review of service and future funding of low level housing support linked to sheltered housing schemes.29/07/2016For Determination  
(CCHL) - Cumbria County Holdings Ltd29/07/2016Recommendations Approved  
North West Coast Connections Project – DCO Consultation29/04/2016For Determination  
Acquisition of Land - Carlisle29/07/2016For Determination  
2018/19 School Admission Arrangements29/07/2016For Determination  
The Health & Safety Policy Statement, Annual Report and Actions to Support Health and Safety Strategy29/07/2016For Determination  
Edenside Residential Home, Appleby29/07/2016For Determination  
Apologies for Absence ref: 32015/07/201615/07/2016Not for call-in
Apologies for Absence ref: 31923/06/201623/06/2016Not for call-in
Cumbria County Holdings Limited30/06/2016Abandoned  
Quarter 1 - Corporate Performance Report 2016/1730/06/2016For Determination  
2016/17 Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring to 30 June 201630/06/2016Abandoned  
Cumbria County Council Efficiency Statement (2017/18 – 2019/20)30/06/2016Abandoned  
Scrutiny Review – Integration of Health & Care (Integrated Care Communities)29/04/2016Recommendations Approved  
0-19 Healthy Child Programme30/06/2016For Determination  
Proposed acquisition of offices in West Cumbria31/05/2016For Determination  
Community Asset Transfer: Various Properties and amendment of the Policy to permit transfers to other public bodies29/04/2016For Determination  
NuGen – Moorside Power Station Project – DCO Consultation29/04/2016For Determination  
Cumbria HeadStart Phase 3 2016-202129/04/2016For Determination  
Yorkshire Dales and Lake District National Park Extensions.29/04/2016Recommendations Approved  
Youth Justice Strategic Plan 2016/1729/04/2016For Determination  
Council Membership of Transport for the North (TfN)29/04/2016For Determination  
Cumbria Growth Deal 331/05/2016For Determination  
Appointment of Cabinet Working Groups and Representation on Outside Bodies31/05/2016For Determination  
Payment to Foster Carers31/05/2016For Determination  
2015/16 Revenue and Capital Budget - Provisional Year End Results.31/03/2016For Determination  
Scrutiny Review - CAMHS Task and Finish Group29/04/2016For Determination  
Review of Delegations to the Chief Executive - Urgent Decisions to Implement Flood Recovery Arrangements29/04/2016Abandoned  
Response of the Corporate Director - Scrutiny Review – Integration of Health & Care (Integrated Care Communities)29/04/2016For Determination  
Response of Corporate Director to Scrutiny Review - CAMHS Scrutiny Task and Finish Group29/04/2016For Determination  
CAB 09/06 - Review of Delegations to the Chief Executive - Urgent Decisions to Implement Flood Recovery Arrangements31/03/2016Abandoned  
Quarter 4 2015/16 Corporate Performance Report31/03/2016For Determination  
Targeted Youth Support Strategy31/12/2015Abandoned  
Council Plan Delivery Plan 2016/1729/02/2016For Determination  
Anti Poverty Strategy29/02/2016For Determination  
Equality Objectives29/02/2016For Determination  
Health and Care Integration29/01/2016Abandoned  
Workforce Plan30/11/2015For Determination  
2015/16 Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring to 31 December 201531/12/2015Recommendations Approved  
Cumbria Minerals and Waste Local Plan29/01/2016For Determination  
Quarter 3 - Corporate Performance Report 2015/1629/01/2016For Determination  
Whitehaven Joint Educational Campus31/12/2015For Determination  
Scrutiny Review - Learning Disability Services31/12/2015For Determination  
Council Plan 2016 - 201931/12/2015For Determination  
Response to Scrutiny Review – Learning Disability Services31/12/2015For Determination  
School Governance31/12/2015For Determination  
Response to Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) Strategy Consultation31/12/2015For Determination  
Fire Service Integrated Risk Management Plan30/11/2015For Determination  
Commissioning Strategy for Adult Social Care 2015-202030/11/2015For Determination  
Extra Care Housing Strategy and Delivery Programme30/11/2015For Determination  
BAE Systems Successor Submarine Manufacturing Programme - Planning Performance Agreement (PPA)31/12/2015For Determination  
Eden District Council’s Local Plan30/11/2015For Determination  
Update on Connecting Cumbria Programme30/11/2015Abandoned  
Draft Budget, Medium Term Financial Plan 2016-2019 and Capital Programme.30/11/2015For Determination  
Whitehaven Joint Educational Campus30/11/2015Abandoned  
Planning Performance Agreement - West Cumbria Mining Ltd30/10/2015For Determination  
Unison Ethical Care Charter30/10/2015For Determination  
Acquisition of Land in Carlisle30/10/2015For Determination  
Award of New Capital Funded Core Highways Surfacing Contracts - Capital Programme & Property30/10/2015For Determination  
Commissioning Shortbreaks for Disabled Children30/10/2015For Determination  
Cumbria School Funding Formula 2016-1730/10/2015For Determination  
11-19 Early Help Services30/10/2015For Determination  
School Admission Arrangements 2017/1801/10/2015For Determination  
Quarter 2 - Corporate Performance Report 2015/1630/10/2015For Determination  
Award of New Capital Funded Works Framework Agreements - Capital Programme & Property30/10/2015For Determination  
Scrutiny response on the Council Plan and Budget Consultation30/10/2015For Determination  
Response to Scrutiny’s response to the Council Plan and Budget Consultation30/10/2015For Determination  
On Street Parking Policy30/10/2015For Determination  
Award of Contract – Barrow Waterfront, Barrow Business Park30/06/2015Abandoned  
English National Concessionary Travel Scheme 2016/1728/08/2015For Determination  
Award of Contract - Workington Rail Station Hub28/08/2015Abandoned  
Cumbria Highways Strategy28/08/2015Recommendations Approved  
Award of Contract - Cumbria Advice and Support Team - Short Term Accommodation Contract ***01/10/2015For Determination  
2015/16 Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring to 30 September 201501/10/2015For Determination  
Community Waste Prevention Fund Introduction and Devolution to Local Committees01/10/2015For Determination  
PENRITH TRAFFIC REGULATION ORDER (TRO) ref: 29220/07/201520/07/2015Not for call-in
Development of the Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) 2016 to 2019 - Budget for consultation.28/08/2015For Determination  
Yorkshire Dales Local Plan28/08/2015For Determination  
Barrow Borough Local Plan - Preferred Options Consultation28/08/2015For Determination  
School Admission Arrangements 2017/1828/08/2015For Determination  
Fire Service - Statement of Assurance28/08/2015For Determination  
Prevent Strategy28/08/2015For Determination  
Provision of new sports facilities at St Joseph’s Catholic High School.28/08/2015For Determination  
Award of Contracts - Optimising Connectivity Highways Schemes28/08/2015Abandoned  
Community Asset Transfers - Land at Solway Road, Workington, and Hadrian's Camp, Carlisle28/08/2015For Determination  
Shortbreaks provision for Disabled Children31/07/2015Abandoned  
Connecting Cumbria - Update on Phase 2 Contract31/07/2015For Determination  
Commissioning Strategy for Care and Support in Cumbria 2015 - 202031/07/2015For Determination  
Scrutiny Review - Transport and Young People31/07/2015For Determination  
Permission To Procure Short Term Accommodation29/05/2015For Determination  
Permission to Procure - Transport Contracts in the Eden and South Lakeland areas30/06/2015For Determination  
Health & Safety Policy Statement - Annual Report31/07/2015For Determination  
Award of Contract - Furness Peninsular Blue Light Hub31/07/2015Abandoned  
Award of Contract New Street Lighting Framework Agreements (Capital Programme)31/07/2015For Determination  
Draft Cumbria Minerals and Waste Local Plan31/07/2015For Determination  
Corporate Performance Monitoring Report 2015-16 – Quarter 131/07/2015For Determination  
Scrutiny Review - Digital Innovation31/07/2015For Determination  
Scrutiny Review - Child Sexual Exploitation31/07/2015For Determination  
Response to Scrutiny Review - Child Sexual Exploitation31/07/2015For Determination  
Response to Scrutiny Review - Digital Innovation31/07/2015For Determination  
Capital Programme Quarterly Update (December)31/07/2015For Determination  
Response to Scrutiny Review - Transport31/07/2015For Determination  
Digital Strategy ref: 29623/07/201505/08/2015Call-in expired
Strategic Planning Agreement for Proposed Development Activity at Sellafield ref: 29823/07/201505/08/2015Call-in expired
NuGen/Moorside Power Station: Response to Stage 1 Strategic Issues Consultation ref: 29923/07/201505/08/2015Call-in expired
Award of Contract - Construction of Currock Bridge, Carlisle ref: 30423/07/201505/08/2015Call-in expired
Copeland Community Fund ref: 29723/07/201505/08/2015Call-in expired
Award of Contract - Sexual Health & HIV Services ref: 30323/07/201505/08/2015Call-in expired
Winter Highways Service Review 2015/2016 ref: 30023/07/201505/08/2015Call-in expired
Corporate Performance Monitoring Report - Quarter 4 2014-15 ref: 29523/07/201505/08/2015Call-in expired
Appointment of Cabinet Working Groups and Representation on Outside Bodies ref: 29423/07/201505/08/2015Call-in expired
Award of Contract - Substance Misuse Services ref: 30223/07/201505/08/2015Call-in expired
Children's Improvement Plan and Cumbria Children Looked After Strategy (2015-18) ref: 30123/07/201505/08/2015Call-in expired
Strategic Planning Agreement for Proposed Development Activity at Sellafield22/07/2015For Determination  
Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) - Dumfries & Galloway Strategic Reinforcement Project30/06/2015For Determination  
2015/16 Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring to 30 June 201530/06/2015For Determination  
Award of Contract - Adult Social Care Community Based Services Frameworks 201530/06/2015For Determination  
Permission to Procure - Learning and Development (L&D) Framework Procurement30/04/2015For Determination  
Future Occupational Health Service Provision30/04/2015For Determination  
Cumbria Woodlands30/06/2015For Determination  
Award of Contract - Connecting Cumbria Phase 2 ref: 28904/06/201504/06/2015Not for call-in
CREA - Progress Update ref: 29104/06/201504/06/2015Not for call-in
Better Places for Work (BP4W) - West Cumbria Asset Strategy Update ref: 29004/06/201517/06/2015Call-in expired
Residential Shortbreaks in Allerdale and Copeland ref: 28804/06/201517/06/2015Call-in expired
Regulation 19 Consultation on Draft Carlisle City Council Local Plan ref: 28704/06/201517/06/2015Call-in expired
Youth Justice Strategic Plan 2015/16 ref: 28604/06/201517/06/2015Call-in expired
2014/15 Revenue and Capital Budget – Provisional Year End results ref: 28504/06/201517/06/2015Call-in expired
Anti-Poverty Strategy - Year 1 Review ref: 28430/04/201514/05/2015Call-in expired
Permission to Procure - New Works Frameworks Arrangements ref: 28130/04/201514/05/2015Call-in expired
Independent School Admission Appeals Panel and Exclusion Review Panel ref: 28230/04/201514/05/2015Call-in expired
Copeland Borough Council Site Allocations and Policies Plan – Preferred Options Consultation ref: 28330/04/201514/05/2015Call-in expired
Refresh of Council Plan Delivery Plan ref: 27830/04/201514/05/2015Call-in expired
Community Asset Transfers – Land & Buildings at Moorclose, Workington and Railway Playing Fields and land at Silloth. ref: 27930/04/201514/05/2015Call-in expired
Council Representation on Cumbria County Holdings Limited ref: 28030/04/201514/05/2015Call-in expired
Improvement Plan (Ofsted 2015)29/05/2015For Determination  
Strategic Acquisition: Former University of Cumbria Library, Milbourne Street, Carlisle30/04/2015Abandoned  
Community Safety Strategy31/03/2015For Determination  
Health and Social Wellbeing Service Development31/03/2015For Determination  
Provision of new sports facilities at St Joseph’s Catholic High School31/03/2015For Determination  
(NEW) Health and Social Wellbeing System Development27/02/2015For Determination  
Cumbria County Council's Affiliation with Rail North ref: 25105/02/201518/02/2015Call-in expired
Cumbria Minerals & Waste Local Plan 2014-2029 ref: 25205/02/201518/02/2015Call-in expired
Award of Contract for the Umbrella Agreement relating to School Supply Teacher Insurance ref: 25605/02/201518/02/2015Call-in expired
Connecting Cumbria Phase 2 ref: 25805/02/201518/02/2015Call-in expired
Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB): Future Funding and Solway AONB Management Plan Review ref: 25305/02/201518/02/2015Call-in expired
Award of Contract – Materials for Street Lighting Improvements (LED) Lanterns 2015/16 ref: 25705/02/201518/02/2015Call-in expired
Response of Corporate Director to call in - Fibre Garden Project ref: 25405/02/201505/02/2015Not for call-in
Exemption from Contract Procedure Rules - The 0-5 Healthy Child Programme ref: 25905/02/201518/02/2015Call-in expired
Award of Contract for the Main Insurances ref: 25505/02/201518/02/2015Call-in expired
Scrutiny Review – Sight Loss Services ref: 24605/02/201505/02/2015Not for call-in
Hadrian's Wall Heritage Site Partnership Board ref: 24905/02/201518/02/2015Call-in expired
Permission to Procure Social Care and Support Services Frameworks ref: 25005/02/201518/02/2015Call-in expired
Draft Revenue Budget and Medium Term Financial Plan 2015/16 and Draft Capital Programme ref: 24805/02/201505/02/2015Not for call-in
Response from Corporate Director to Scrutiny Review – Sight Loss Services ref: 24705/02/201518/02/2015Call-in expired
United Utilities West Cumbria Pipeline Project Planning Performance Agreement (PPA)24/12/2014For Determination  
Permission to Procure - Substance Misuse Services30/09/2014For Determination  
2014/15 Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring24/12/2014For Determination  
Response of Corporate Director to Scrutiny Review - Implementation of the Care Act24/12/2014For Determination  
Local Flood Risk Management Strategy30/01/2015For Determination  
Council Public Health Strategy 2015-1831/10/2014For Determination  
School Admission Arrangements 2016/1730/01/2015For Determination  
Corporate Performance – Monitoring Report 2014-1524/12/2014For Determination  
Scrutiny Review – Implementation of the Care Act24/12/2014For Determination  
Proposed closure of Ravenstonedale Endowed School and re-designation of its catchment area30/01/2015For Determination  
APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE ref: 19215/09/201415/09/2014Not for call-in
Permission to Procure – A contract for the provision of Temporary Agency Workers24/12/2014For Determination  
Procurement Approach to Support at Home Services24/12/2014For Determination  
Community Asset Transfers - Wigton Pool, Kirkland former Highways Depot and Shap Sports Hall and Old Courthouse ref: 23618/12/201403/01/2015Call-in expired
School Admission Arrangements 2016/17 ref: 24118/12/201403/01/2015Call-in expired
Port of Workington Strategy Review 2013-27 ref: 24418/12/201403/01/2015Call-in expired
Consultation on the proposed closure of Ravenstonedale Endowed School and Re-designation of its Catchment Area. ref: 24218/12/201403/01/2015Call-in expired
Response to the Scrutiny Management Board Strategic Planning Update ref: 23718/12/201403/01/2015Call-in expired
Inclusive Cumbria - Developing Inclusive Provision ref: 24018/12/201403/01/2015Call-in expired
Award of Contract - Early Help Services ref: 24518/12/201403/01/2015Call-in expired
Corporate Performance - Monitoring Report 2014-15 ref: 23918/12/201403/01/2015Call-in expired
2014/15 Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring Report to 30 September 2014 ref: 23818/12/201403/01/2015Call-in expired
Award of Contract Professional Services Framework 2 (PSF2) ref: 24318/12/201403/01/2015Call-in expired
Carlisle Better Places for Work (BP4W) ref: 23027/11/201410/12/2014Call-in expired
Better Places for Work (BP4W) - Carlisle ref: 22627/11/201410/12/2014Call-in expired
Response to South Lakeland District Council's Community Infrastructure Levy Regulation 16 Consultation ref: 22427/11/201410/12/2014Call-in expired
Minimum Wage Review ref: 22327/11/201410/12/2014Call-in expired
Response to Referral from South Lakeland Local Committee - Integrated Parking Strategy ref: 22127/11/201410/12/2014Call-in expired
Connecting Cumbria Fibre GarDen Project ref: 22827/11/2014Item Called InCall-in expired
National Grid's North West Coast Connections Project - Stage 2 Consultation ref: 22527/11/201410/12/2014Call-in expired
Adoption of Employer Pensions Policy & Scheme Discretions ref: 22227/11/201410/12/2014Call-in expired
English National Concessionary Travel Scheme 2015/16 - The Cumbria Scheme 2015/16 ref: 22727/11/201410/12/2014Call-in expired
Alignment of the Adult Specialised Commissioning Teams in the County Council and Clinical Commissioning Group28/11/2014For Determination  
Award of Contract - Surface Treatments (Surface Dressing & MicroAsphalt)28/11/2014For Determination  
Draft Cumbria County Council & Clinical Commissioning Group Mental Health Strategy28/11/2014For Determination  
Permission to Procure - School Nursing Services28/11/2014For Determination  
Adult Social Care in Cumbria 2015-202031/10/2014For Determination  
Permission to Procure - Supply and distribution of groceries and provisions30/09/2014For Determination  
Scrutiny Response to Budget Consultation31/10/2014Abandoned  
Award of Contract - Repair and Service of Lifts and Hoists in Cumbria31/10/2014For Determination  
Alignment of Specialist Commissioning and Development of a Mental Health pooled Fund Arrangement with Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group31/10/2014For Determination  
Draft Capital Programme 2014-15 - 20119/2031/10/2014For Determination  
Development of the Medium Term Financial Plan 2015 to 2018 - Budget for Consultation ref: 19723/10/201405/11/2014Call-in expired
Award of Contract - Supply of Furniture Framework ref: 20623/10/201405/11/2014Call-in expired
School Funding Formula Parameters 2015/16 ref: 20123/10/201405/11/2014Call-in expired
Health and Safety Policy Statement, Annual Report & Actions to Support Health & Safety Strategy ref: 19623/10/201405/11/2014Call-in expired
Adoption of Climate Local ref: 20523/10/201405/11/2014Call-in expired
Permission to Procure - Highways, Transport & Fleet Materials Framework ref: 20023/10/201405/11/2014Call-in expired
Street Lighting Column Replacement ref: 19923/10/201405/11/2014Call-in expired
Morecambe Bay Partnership and the Coastal Communities Fund Application ref: 20423/10/201405/11/2014Call-in expired
Eden District Council Local Plan Preferred Options Consultation ref: 20223/10/201405/11/2014Call-in expired
Permission to Procure - Sexual Health Services30/09/2014For Determination  
Response from Corporate Director to Scrutiny Review - Mental Health Service Provision30/09/2014For Determination  
Scrutiny Review - Mental Health Service Provision30/09/2014For Determination  
Permission to extend Neighbourhood Care Independence Programme30/09/2014Abandoned  
Permission to Procure - Kendal Waste Transfer30/09/2014For Determination  
Local Committee Highways Delegations in relation to parking29/08/2014For Determination  
Commissioning Procurement and Contract Management - Establishment of an Elected Members Procurement Working Group31/07/2014For Determination  
Carlisle New Office - Final Business Case31/07/2014For Determination  
Award of Contract - Extra Care Housing Procurement - Keswick and Kirkby Stephen31/07/2014For Determination  
Cumbria County Council's Draft Response to the report of the Cumbria Welfare Reform Commission31/07/2014For Determination  
Award of Contract - Print Procurement Framework31/07/2014For Determination  
Eden Local Plan - Preferred Options Consultation31/07/2014For Determination  
Award of Contract for a Dynamic Purchasing System31/07/2014For Determination  
Scrutiny Task Group on Strategic Planning31/07/2014For Determination  
Allerdale Strategy01/05/2014For Determination  
Scrutiny Review and Response - Future of Learning Disability Services31/07/2014For Determination  
Permission to change arrangements for Management and Administration of the Minor Adaptations Works and Permission to Procure a Contract to Provide Minor Adaptations Work31/07/2014For Determination  
Rail Franchise Consultation Response31/07/2014For Determination  
Development of the Medium Term Financial Plan 2015 to 2018 - Budget for Consultation31/07/2014For Determination  
Response to South Lakeland District Council's Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Regulation 15 Consultation on the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule31/07/2014For Determination  
Permission to Procure - Highways, Transport & Fleet Materials Framework31/07/2014For Determination  
Permission to Procure a Supply Teacher Insurance Contract31/07/2014For Determination  
Adoption of 'Climate Local'31/07/2014For Determination  
Community Asset Transfer - Newby Terrace Playing Fields, Barrow in Furness and field to the rear of Meadow View, Castle Carrock01/07/2014For Determination  
Health & Safety Policy Statement31/07/2014For Determination  
Maryport Harbour01/07/2014For Determination  
Yorkshire Dales National Park Draft Local Plan Consultation01/07/2014For Determination  
Permission to Procure - Transport Contracts in the Barrow and Carlisle Areas01/07/2014For Determination  
Scrutiny Review and Response - CAMS Review Implementation31/07/2014For Determination  
The Tour of Britain and the Tour Series Cycle Races in Cumbria from 2015-1801/07/2014For Determination  
Winter Maintenance Policy for Cumbria's Road Network01/07/2014For Determination  
Commissioning of Money Advice and Healthwatch01/07/2014For Determination  
Corporate Performance Scorecard - Quarter 101/07/2014For Determination  
Carlisle City Centre Development Framework01/07/2014For Determination  
Local Flood Risk Management Strategy - Draft for Public Consultation01/07/2014For Determination  
Connecting Cumbria - Fibre GarDen Project01/05/2014For Determination  
Support at Home Night Services Re-tender01/07/2014For Determination  
Highways Winter Service Annual Review01/07/2014For Determination  
Scrutiny Review and Response Highways Restructuring - Lessons Learned Task Group01/07/2014For Determination  
2014/15 Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring Report01/07/2014For Determination  
RISK MANAGEMENT - QUARTER 2 UPDATE ref: 18009/12/201309/12/2013Not for call-in
Draft Precept Proposals 2014/15 ref: 18322/01/201422/01/2014Not for call-in
HeadStart Cumbria - Big Lottery Fulfilling Lives Project01/05/2014For Determination  
Future Arrangements for the Service and Repair of Complex and Simple Equipment30/05/2014For Determination  
Demolition of Surplus Office Premises at County Hall, Kendal30/05/2014For Determination  
Support for Passenger Transport01/05/2014For Determination  
Corporate Performance Scorecard - Quarter 4 2013/1401/05/2014For Determination  
Publication of Notices for the Closure of Southfield Technology College and Stainburn School and Science College and the Opening of a New Academy in Workington01/05/2014For Determination  
Scrutiny Review and Response - Rail Transport01/05/2014For Determination  
Scrutiny Review and Response - National Best Practice Review01/05/2014For Determination  
EXTERNAL AUDIT - AUDIT AND ASSURANCE COMMITTEE UPDATE ref: 18511/03/201411/03/2014Not for call-in
Universal Infant Free School Meals Programme01/05/2014For Determination  
Permission to Procure a Framework Agreement to Support the Purchasing of Respite Services01/05/2014For Determination  
School Funding Formula Parameters 2015/1601/05/2014For Determination  
Award of Contract - Dynamic Purchasing System01/05/2014For Determination  
Award of Preferred Provider Agreement for GP and Pharmacy Services01/05/2014For Determination  
The Right Care for the Right Child at the Right Time01/05/2014For Determination  
Award of Contract - Supply and Distribution of Lot 1: Frozen Foods, Lot 2: Fresh Milk01/05/2014For Determination  
Youth Justice Strategic Plan 2014-1531/03/2014For Determination  
Sustainable Procurement Strategy31/03/2014For Determination  
Scrutiny Review and Response - Integration of Health and Social care31/01/2014For Determination  
Award of Contract - Smoking Cessation Services01/05/2014For Determination  
Council's Restructure ref: 18128/01/201428/01/2014Not for call-in
BUDGET 2014/15 AND MEDIUM TERM FINANCIAL PLAN AND CAPITAL PROGRAMME ref: 18613/02/201413/02/2014Not for call-in
Port of Workington Strategic Review 2013-2729/11/2013For Determination  
Workforce Plan31/01/2014For Determination  
Carlisle New Office - Appointment of Preferred Tenderer28/02/2014For Determination  
Removal Of Bodies on behalf of HM Coroner - Award of Contract28/02/2014For Determination  
Scrutiny Review and Response - Modernisation of Services to Older People31/03/2014For Determination  
Scrutiny Review and Response - Suitable Accommodation for 16-17yr olds31/03/2014For Determination  
Scrutiny Review and Response - Private Children's Homes in Cumbria31/03/2014For Determination  
Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring - Year End Accounts31/03/2014For Determination  
Harraby Campus31/03/2014For Determination  
Redevelopment of Former Offices, Carlisle31/03/2014For Determination  
Payment of Grant to Dearham Academy following Receipt of a Developer Contribution under S106 Agreement for provision of Pupil Places31/03/2014For Determination  
Cumbria Minerals and Waste Development Scheme31/03/2014For Determination  
Community Infrastructure Levy Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule Consultation South Lakeland outside of the National Park31/03/2014For Determination  
Cumbria LEP Growth Deal31/03/2014For Determination  
Review of Parking Enforcement and Permit Administration31/03/2014For Determination  
To Award a Contract to implement a Dynamic Purchasing System for use by Integrated Transport and Corporate Procurement31/03/2014For Determination  
Carlisle Local Plan - Preferred Options Stage 228/02/2014For Determination  
Children and Young Peoples Working Group ref: 18424/03/201424/03/2014Not for call-in
Council Plan - Delivery Plan31/01/2014For Determination  
Proposed Closure of Southfield Technology College and Stainburn School and Science College and the Presumption of a New Academy in Workington31/01/2014For Determination  
Adoption of Updated Joint Cumbria Countryside Access Strategy 2013-1830/08/2013For Determination  
Provision of Occupational Health29/11/2013For Determination  
Surface Dressing 2014/15 - Award of Contract and Micro Asphalt Specialist Form of Carriageway Treatment 2014/1528/02/2014For Determination  
School Funding Formula28/02/2014For Determination  
Resident Parking Permit and On Street Parking Charges28/02/2014For Determination  
Industrial Communities Alliance (ICA) Membership28/02/2014For Determination  
Revenue & Capital Budget Monitoring to February 201428/02/2014For Determination  
Implementing the Care and Support Reforms28/02/2014For Determination  
A Framework Contract for the Supply of Furniture28/02/2014For Determination  
Community Benefit Negotiations associated with the new vaults proposed at the low level waste repository near Drigg, West Cumbria.28/02/2014For Determination  
Academy Presumption Process and Recommendation28/02/2014For Determination  
Corporate Performance and Risk Management Framework31/01/2014For Determination  
Corporate Performance Scorecard - Quarter 3 2013/1431/01/2014For Determination  
Corporate Building Waste Contract31/01/2014For Determination  
Anti-Poverty Strategy31/01/2014For Determination  
Community Asset Transfer - Various Land and Property31/01/2014For Determination  
Print Procurement Framework - Permission to Tender31/01/2014For Determination  
Adoption of Updated Joint Cumbria Countryside Access Strategy 2013-1831/01/2014For Determination  
Refresh of the Community Safety Agreement29/11/2013For Determination  
Statement of Assurance - Fire and Rescue29/11/2013For Determination  
Traffic Signals Maintenance Contract24/12/2013For Determination  
Road Lighting Policy and Standards Update24/12/2013For Determination  
Lifting of a Restrictive Covenant on Skirsgill Depot to allow Development of the Site24/12/2013For Determination  
Scrutiny Report and Response - Transition between Children and Adult Services24/12/2013For Determination  
Procurement of Smoking Cessation Service24/12/2013For Determination  
Procurement of Pharmacy and GP Services24/12/2013For Determination  
Changes to Learning Disability Pooled Fund Arrangements24/12/2013For Determination  
APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE ref: 17918/11/201318/11/2013Not for call-in
Better Placements: The Right Care for the Right Child at the Right Time29/11/2013For Determination  
Carers Contract Appointment29/11/2013For Determination  
16/17 Year Old Homeless Protocol29/11/2013For Determination  
Sustainable Procurement Strategy - Consultation Document29/11/2013For Determination  
Corporate Building Cleaning Contract.29/11/2013For Determination  
Draft Revenue Budget and Medium Term Financial Plan 2014/15 - 2016/17 and Capital Programme29/11/2013For Determination  
Council Plan 2014-1729/11/2013For Determination  
Removal of Bodies Contract on behalf of HM Coroner29/11/2013For Determination  
Cumbria Fire & Rescue Service Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) 2014-1729/11/2013For Determination  
Corporate Performance Scorecard 2013/14- Quarter 229/11/2013For Determination  
Revenue & Capital Budget Monitoring - Quarter 329/11/2013For Determination  
School Admission Arrangements 2015/1629/11/2013For Determination  
Further Development of Extra Care Housing in Cumbria29/11/2013For Determination  
Approval of Tender for the Supply and Distribution of Frozen Food and Fresh Milk29/11/2013For Determination  
Permission to commence re-procurement of Professional Services (Property & Highways related services)29/11/2013For Determination  
Arnside & Silverdale and North Pennines Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty - Management Plan Review29/11/2013Recommendations Approved  
Update on the Development of the Medium Term Financial Plan 2014-17 and Capital Programme 2014/15-2016-1731/10/2013For Determination  
BP4W - Project Brief Carlisle New Build30/08/2013For Determination  
Seeking Permission to Tender for the IDVA (Domestic Violence) Contract30/09/2013For Determination  
Meeting the Sufficiency Duty for Children Looked After31/10/2013For Determination  
Highways Winter Service - Salt Procurement31/10/2013For Determination  
Extension of Telecare Contract31/10/2013For Determination  
Corporate Performance Scorecard Quarter 2 2013/1431/10/2013For Determination  
Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership - Growth Deal31/10/2013Recommendations Approved  
Cumbria Rural Enterprise Agency31/10/2013For Determination  
Providing Procurement Services to Orian30/09/2013Recommendations Approved  
Derwent Howe Works Tender30/09/2013For Determination  
Cumbria County Council's Community Benefit Policy31/10/2013For Determination  
Waste & Recycling Procurement30/09/2013For Determination  
Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring - Quarter 230/09/2013For Determination  
Specialist Services Preferred Provider Agreement30/08/2013For Determination  
Extra Care Housing30/08/2013For Determination  
English National Concessionary Travel Scheme 2013/1430/09/2013For Determination  
Consultation by Carlisle City Council on the Preferred Options for their Local Plan30/08/2013For Determination  
Advocacy Services30/09/2013For Determination  
Fire Peer Challenge Report and Action Plan30/09/2013Abandoned  
Strategic Alcohol Framework for Cumbria30/09/2013For Determination  
DECC Consultation Review of the Siting Process for a Geological Disposal Facility30/09/2013Recommendations Approved  
Eden District Council - Employment Preferred Sites and Policies Document30/09/2013Recommendations Approved  
Development of the Medium Term Financial Plan 2014 to 2017 - Budget propositions for consultation30/09/2013For Determination  
Kendal Business Improvement District Levy30/09/2013Recommendations Approved  
Sexual Health Strategy30/09/2013For Determination  
Basic Needs Capital Allocation30/09/2013For Determination  
Framework 2 - Community Services Contract30/08/2013For Determination  
Sustainable Procurement Strategy30/09/2013For Determination  
Re-commissioning of Youth Work and Reducing Risk Taking Behaviour Services30/09/2013Recommendations Approved  
Walney Offshore Wind Farm Extension (DONG Energy) - Local Impact Report30/08/2013Recommendations Approved  
Supplier Early Payment and Rebate Scheme30/08/2013For Determination  
Referral from Allerdale Local Committee - Appointment to an Outside Body known as the Solway Firth Partnership30/08/2013Recommendations Approved  
Fuel Cards30/08/2013For Determination  
Consultation on School Admission Arrangements 2015-1630/08/2013Recommendations Approved  
Eden District Council - Employment Preferred Sites and Policies Document30/08/2013Recommendations Approved  
Integrated Commissioning of Carers Support30/08/2013Recommendations Approved  
School Funding Review - Implementation30/08/2013For Determination  
2013/14 Bridges and Structures Capital Works Programme - Proposed Changes to Work Programme01/08/2013For Determination  
Re-commissioning of Youth Services30/08/2013For Determination  
Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring - Quarter 101/08/2013Recommendations Approved  
Armed Forces Community Covenant01/08/2013Recommendations Approved  
Cumbria Alcohol Strategic Framework30/08/2013For Determination  
Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service Draft Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) 2014-1730/08/2013For Determination  
Suicide Prevention Strategy30/08/2013For Determination  
Draft Council Plan 2014 - 201701/08/2013For Determination  
Highways Maintenance Contracts 2014/1501/08/2013Recommendations Approved  
Basic Needs Capital Allocation for Schools01/08/2013For Determination  
Taxi Rank Consents01/08/2013For Determination  
Devolved Major Schemes Funding and Cumbria Local Transport Body01/08/2013For Determination  
DCLG Weekly Collection Support Scheme in Cumbria - Contract Award01/08/2013For Determination  
Local Revenue Schemes ref: 17823/07/201323/07/2013Not for call-in
Council Representation on Cumbria County Holdings Ltd28/06/2013For Determination  
Health and Safety Policy Statement, Annual Report and Actions to Support Health & Safety Strategy28/06/2013For Determination  
Cycling Infrastructure in Cumbria and the Lake District; Department for Transport Cycle Funding31/05/2013For Determination  
Allerdale Local Plan (part 1) Pre Submission Draft May 201331/05/2013For Determination  
Youth Justice Strategic Plan31/05/2013For Determination  
BP4W - Update31/05/2013For Determination  
Cumbria County Council - Planning Obligations Policy31/05/2013For Determination  
Corporate Performance Scorecard - Quarter 4 2012/1331/05/2013For Determination  
Sector Led Improvement in Adult Social Care: Memorandum of Understanding31/05/2013For Determination  
Award of framework for the Procurement of Bituminous Coated Materials31/05/2013For Determination  
Eden District Council - Housing Preferred Sites and Policies Consultation Document31/05/2013For Determination  
Provisional Outturn 2012/13 - Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring31/05/2013For Determination  
Appointment of Cabinet Working Groups etc and Representation on Outside Bodies31/05/2013For Determination  
Regional Growth Fund30/04/2013For Determination  
Re-commissioning of Sure Start Children's Centres Service31/05/2013For Determination  
Consultation on the Proposal to Change the Age Range from 4-11 to 3-11 at Thwaites School28/03/2013For Determination  
Highways Transport Capital Programme - Approval of Schemes for Additional DfT maintenance Funding and Engineering Safety Schemes28/03/2013For Determination  
Insurance Contract - Permission to Procure30/04/2013For Determination  
Award of Contract - New Hydraulic Port Crane30/04/2013For Determination  
Award of Contract - Bituminous Coated Material30/04/2013For Determination  
Provisional Outturn 2012/13 - Revenue and Capital Budget Monitoring28/03/2013For Determination  
Eden Housing Plan28/03/2013For Determination  
Department of Health Dementia Environment Funding28/03/2013For Determination  
Edmond Castle Trust - Appointment of Trustees28/03/2013For Determination  
Extra care Housing - Kirkby Stephen - Mill Gardens28/03/2013For Determination  
Scrutiny Review and Response - Fleet Management18/10/2012For Determination  
Funding of the Main Street, Cockermouth Improvements Project30/11/2012For Determination  
Maryport Harbour - Transfer of Shares18/10/2012For Determination  
Clinical Commissioning Group Offer18/10/2012For Determination  
Economic Ambition Delivery Plan30/11/2012For Determination  
Connecting Cumbria - Business Support Programme30/11/2012For Determination  
Scrutiny Review and Response - Complex Needs in Residential Care30/11/2012For Determination  
Permission to Consult - School Funding Reform - Special Education Needs and Early Years Consultation30/11/2012For Determination  
Proposed Implementation Plan for Connecting Cumbria30/11/2012For Determination  
Cumbria County Council Sustainable Procurement Strategy30/11/2012For Determination  
Procurement of Services - Carers Assessment and Support30/11/2012For Determination  
Proposed Implementation Plan for Connecting Cumbria18/10/2012For Determination  
Supply Teacher Insurance Contract18/10/2012For Determination  
School Funding Formula Reform18/10/2012For Determination  
Statutory Proposals to Amalgamate Windermere CE School and St Mary's CE School, Windermere18/10/2012For Determination  
English National Concessionary Travel Scheme 2012/1318/10/2012For Determination  
Occupational Health Contract Extension18/10/2012For Determination  
Consultation on Proposed Amalgamation of Fairfield Infant School and Fairfield Junior School18/10/2012For Determination  
Seeking Permission to Tender Children's Centres and Youth Contracts18/10/2012For Determination  
Admission Arrangements 2014-1518/10/2012For Determination  
Approval of Award of Contract - Services for Vulnerable Children18/10/2012For Determination  
Local Enterprise Partnership Capacity Funding18/10/2012For Determination  
Harraby Campus18/10/2012For Determination  
Money Advice ref: 17420/07/201220/07/2012Not for call-in
Appointment of Cabinet Working Groups Etc and Representation on Outside Bodies15/06/2012For Determination  
Revenue and Capital Budget 2013/1418/10/2012For Determination  
Scrutiny Review and Response Library Services Phase 2 Consultation18/05/2012For Determination  
Winter Highways Service Review 2013/1431/05/2013For Determination  
South Lakeland District Council - Land Allocations Development Plan Document - Consultation on Proposed Submission18/05/2012For Determination  
Raising Participation Age in Cumbria18/05/2012For Determination  
Local Transport Plan 3 Policies18/05/2012For Determination  
Anti Poverty Update17/04/2012For Determination  
Reactive Maintenance Procurement Strategy17/04/2012For Determination  
Corporate Risk Management - Annual Review and Continuous Development of the Corporate Risk Management Policy, Strategy and Guidance17/04/2012For Determination  
Building Cleaning Contract17/04/2012For Determination  
Health & Safety Policy Statement, Annual Report and Actions to support Health & Safety Strategy17/04/2012For Determination  
Corporate Performance Scorecard Quarter 4 2012/1316/03/2012For Determination  
Development of a Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) on the Lillyhall Industrial Estate near Workington16/03/2012For Determination  
Scrutiny Review and Response - Support for Schools with Budget Difficulties18/10/2012For Determination  
Procurement of HealthWatch16/03/2012For Determination  
Cumbria Advocacy Service - Award of Contract16/02/2012For Determination  
Hadrian's Cycleway Extension - Allonby to Maryport16/02/2012For Determination  
Council Plan Annual Report16/02/2012For Determination  
Rural Broadband Fund - Expressions of Interest16/02/2012For Determination  
Scrutiny Review and Response - Private Sector Procurement28/02/2013For Determination  
DEBT RESCUE AND MONEY ADVICE - CREDIT UNION SUPPORT ref: 17125/01/201225/01/2012Not for call-in
Holehird Trust - Review of Trust18/01/2012For Determination  
Connecting Cumbria - Award of Contract18/01/2012For Determination  
Information Strategy18/01/2012For Determination  
Approval to undertake Capital Funded Works on behalf of Cumbria County Council18/01/2012For Determination  
Youth Justice Strategic Plan18/01/2012Recommendations Approved  
Corporate Risk Refresh18/01/2012For Determination  
Scrutiny Review and Response - Treasury Management18/01/2012For Determination  
Cumbria Housing Strategy and Investment Plan 2011-1516/12/2011Recommendations Approved  
Future Strategy for Adult Social Care16/12/2011For Determination  
Holehird Trust - Review of the Trust16/12/2011For Determination  
Future Provision of Foodservice and Cleaning - Business Plan for the Proposed Local Authority Limited Company16/12/2011For Determination  
Scrutiny Review and Response - Recruitment and Retention of Retained Firefighters16/12/2011For Determination  
Response to Consultation on Shaping Our Future - A Strategy for Adult Social Care16/11/2011For Determination  
Social Care Community Support Services Framework Process and Outcomes (Framework 3)16/11/2011For Determination  
Corporate Performance Scorecard - Quarter 301/02/2013For Determination  
Shaping Our Future - A Strategy for Adult Social Care16/11/2011For Determination  
Corporate Performance Scorecard Quarter 216/11/2011For Determination  
Award of Compensation as Requested by Local Government Ombudsman16/11/2011For Determination  
Changes to parking enforcement arrangements16/11/2011For Determination  
Refreshed Third Sector Compact 2011 and Implementation Plan16/11/2011For Determination  
Scrutiny Review and Response - On-Street Parking Enforcement17/10/2011For Determination  
Draft Council Plan and Budget 2012/1317/10/2011For Determination  
Future Provision of Facilities Management Services17/10/2011For Determination  
Community Assets - Use of property Dalton Drill Hall and Centre 67 Appleby17/10/2011For Determination  
[9.45] Deregister05/06/2015For Determination  
[11.00] First Review05/06/2015For Determination  
[13.30] First Review05/06/2015For Determination  
[10.45] Temporary Change of Approval05/06/2015For Determination  
[10.50] Exemption05/06/2015For Determination  
[11.15] F&F Assessment05/06/2015For Determination