Meeting attendance

Tuesday, 14th July, 2020 10.30 am, County Council Local Committee for Eden

Venue:   Please note this will be a virtual meeting and, therefore, will not take place in a physical location. Please follow the link to view this event:

Contact:    Nicola Harrison

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Nicola Harrison Secretary Expected
Patricia Anne Bell Committee Member Present
Hilary Carrick Committee Member Present
Andy Connell Committee Member Present
Phil Dew Chair Present
Claire Driver Committee Member Present
Helen Jane Fearon Committee Member Apologies
Neil Hughes Committee Member Present
Tom Wentworth Waites Committee Member Present
David Whipp Vice-Chair Present
Nigel Butcher Officer In attendance
Kevin Crawley Officer Expected
Nick Wright Officer In attendance
Liz Morgan Officer In attendance
Bruce Lawson Officer In attendance