Meeting attendance

Thursday, 15th October, 2020 10.00 am, Cabinet

Venue:   This meeting will not take place in a physical location but will be held virtually. Please follow the link below to access the meeting:-

Contact:    Jackie Currie

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Stewart Young Leader Present
Patricia Anne Bell Committee Member Present
Anne Burns Committee Member Present
Deborah Anne Earl Committee Member Present
Keith Anthony Little Committee Member Present
Sue Sanderson Committee Member Present
David Edward Southward MBE Committee Member Present
Peter Thornton Committee Member Present
Celia Tibble Committee Member Present
Janet Willis Committee Member Present
Katherine Fairclough Officer In attendance
John Readman Officer In attendance
John Beard Officer In attendance
Alison Hatcher Officer In attendance
Ben Spencer Officer In attendance
Karen Atkinson Officer In attendance
Sara Turnbull Officer In attendance
Angela Jones Officer Apologies
Angela Lapping Officer Expected
Colin Cox Officer Expected
Iolanda Puzio Officer Expected
Steve Healey Officer Expected
Stevie-Lee Lightfoot Officer Expected
Philip Greenup Officer Expected
Pauline Cameron Officer Expected
Kieran Barr Officer Expected
Joanne Coyles Officer Expected
Louise Farish Officer Expected
Joanna Williams Officer Expected
Alicia Stordy-Allison Officer Expected
Aaron Wynd Secretary Expected