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Meeting: 30/09/2022 - County Council Local Committee for South Lakeland (Item 39)


[Electoral Divisions: All South Lakeland]


To consider a report by the Assistant Director - Customer and Community Services


This report provides information and offers recommendations to the Local Committee for approval from meetings of the Strategic Planning Working Group and the Children and Young Peoples Working Group. It also updates the Local Committee on previously agreed activity supported with the latest financial statement.


A report was considered from the Assistant Director - Customer and Community Services regarding Area Planning in South Lakeland. The report provided service information and offered recommendations to South Lakeland Local Committee for approval from the meetings of the following working groups; Strategic Planning Working Group held on 5 September 2022 and the Children and Young People’s Working Group held on 8 September 2022. The report also provided Local Committee with an update on activity against agreed priorities and provided an overview of the current budget position.

The Area Manager presented the report.  She guided members through the report, highlighting the recommendations for members. She drew members’ attention to the Environment Fund schemes asking Members to note the reprofiled budget following the last Strategic Planning Working Group and the schemes within it, with particular note to items 22, 24, 29 and 34, the School Flashing Light Repair Programme and the support provided to Food Hubs across South Lakeland.  She drew members attention to the A2B Now Scheme underspend and reallocation.


The Local Member for Lakes commented on the good work that the Environment Fund scheme in Grasmere had enabled to be completed and which has been well received locally.


The Local Member for Ulverston East noted the £5,000 grant to Youth Engagement Service and remarked that some groups cannot attend Park Play due to the cost of living crisis and suggested that money should be available to support the scheme.


The Local Member for Kendal Nether (and chair of the Children & Young People’s Working Group (C&YPWG)) commented that there was still money available to fund the proposal made by the Local Member for Ulverston East and that following the last C&YPWG, officers are exploring this with a view to bringing an option to the next meeting.


The Local Member for Lower Kentdale and the Local Member for Kent Estuary raised concerns on the rising water levels on the Mosses causing Ash tree die-back.  It was highlighted that communication with the Environment Agency was paramount if flooding was the cause.


The Area Manager would contact the Senior Manager - Environment and Regulatory Services to learn if the Woodland Trust and Environment Agency had any plans in place and will update members.


The Local Member for Windermere noted the funding towards the Sticky Bits activity and the planned awards event and asked for clarification about where this was based to ensure people are able to reach and access the event from South Lakeland  The Area Manager would clarify and email the Member following the meeting. 


The Local Member for Ulverston East noted there was a Task and Finish forum to look at the immediate effect of the cost of living crisis and encouraged as many as possible to contribute to the forum.


The Chair presented the recommendations to the Local Committee. These were agreed by assent of the Committee.




1          Members noted the budget update for 2022-23 including the commitments and expenditure to date, Appendix A of  ...  view the full minutes text for item 39