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1/22/9006 - Cardewmires Quarry Eastern Extension

Meeting: 28/02/2023 - Development Control and Regulation Committee (Item 109)

109 Application Reference No.1/22/9006 - Lateral extension to the east for the quarrying of sand and gravel - Land adjacent to Cardewmires Quarry, Cardewlees, Dalston, CA5 6LF pdf icon PDF 583 KB

[Electoral Divisions: Dalston and Burgh]


To consider a report from the Executive Director – Economy & Infrastructure (copy enclosed)



The Committee considered a planning application which sought a lateral extension to the east of Cardewmires Quarry, Cardewlees, Dalston.


The Planning Officer drew members attention to the update sheet which detailed a further response from the Environment Agency. 


The officer took members through the report describing the site and its surrounds, detailing the proposal and highlighting aspects relevant to the key issues of landscape and visual impact, noise and dust.


The officer considered that strong evidence existed that there was an urgent need to release additional sand and gravel reserves in order to contribute toward maintaining a minimum seven year landbank throughout the plan period.


A number of representees had raised concern that the proposal would negatively impact upon a nearby recently established camping enterprise that has positively contributed to the local economy.  It was acknowledged that this proposal would bring mineral working closer to the campsite, however the submitted noise impact assessment (NIA) indicated that the worst case scenario noise impact of the extension would not be noticeably greater than that arising from the existing operational site and this proposal would not extend beyond the current permitted operational life of the existing quarry.


Further to the NIA, the applicant had agreed to reduced hours of working in the proposed eastern extension area and to better site and acoustically contain the feed hopper.


The Planning Officer considered that the working scheme had been sensitively designed and would result in negligible additional adverse impacts for those staying at the campsite, and therefore recommended that permission be granted subject to conditions.


With no questions from members the recommendation was moved and seconded and voted upon with all members voting in favour.  It was


RESOLVED,     that Planning Permission be GRANTED subject to the conditions set out in Appendix 1 to this report.