Agenda item


To consider a report from the Chief Executive.


A report from the Chief Executive had been circulated which set out the final structure for the Council’s Extended Leadership Team (ELT) following a period of engagement and consultation. 

The Panel reviewed a summary of the feedback collated during the consultation process.  It was noted that feedback received was from numerous sources including staff in scope, the wider workforce, Trade Unions and partners.  It was noted that in general the feedback was supportive of the direction of travel and key principles outlined in the proposed reshaping.  Specific feedback was received in respect of where certain services that would report to Assistant Directors (AD) could sit within the new structure, for example Area Management.  It was determined that due to the whole council approach of their function the most appropriate fit was within the Corporate, Customer and Community Services cluster.  

The Chief Executive referred to the Local Assurance Test which was undertaken to provide assurance that bringing together Children’s and Adult services would meet the required statutory duties.  It was noted that at this stage only the feasibility of the structure could be tested however once implemented ongoing performance review of the services would continue.  In addition an external peer review after 12 months of operation of the new structure will be undertaken.

Cllr Airey raised concerns regarding the timing of the merging of Children’s and Adult services so soon after the Ofsted inspection and the potential scope of the role for the Executive Director, People.  The Chief Executive clarified that similar merged posts were in operation across a number of other authorities and in her view what was important was to ensure that there was a robust senior management structure, including a Deputy DAS and DCS in place, as determined within the final structure, to support the post-holder.

The Chief Executive provided clarity with regards to any concerns regarding the perceived reduction in ADs social care capacity within the ‘People’ cluster.  There would remain the same number of Assistant Directors across the ‘People’ cluster, with dedicated resource and focus upon integration, partnerships, social care quality and practice, provider and commissioning services across both children’s and adults.

The Chief Executive advised that members of the Panel had the delegated authority to appoint and determine the terms and conditions of appointment of Corporate Directors and statutory officers.  A summary of the ‘Direct’ and ‘Assessed Assimilation’ process undertaken by a panel on 4th April and the outcomes of this panel was provided by the Senior Manager, People Management.

The recommended approach for appointing Chief Officer and statutory posts, as described within the report, was agreed by the Panel and the appointment process would take place on 19th April 2018.

Cllr Tony Markley raised concerns regarding the reduction in salary for one Assistant Director, as an outcome of the process. It was noted that the Panel wished the post of Assistant Director, Integration & Partnerships be reviewed after 12 months of operation, in accordance with Hay evaluation.  It was felt by the Panel that this role was of equitable importance and value as all the other Assistant Director posts which were evaluated at the higher salary grade.

The Chief Executive provided confirmation of the process undertaken by Hay to evaluate the roles which considered national benchmarking across respective sectors.  The Chief Executive provided clarity that the Executive Director, People role was evaluated at a higher salary due to the wider accountabilities for both children’s and adult services.

The Panel were advised that a review process would be undertaken by Green Book Trade Unions, on the outcomes of the Assimilation process, on 9th April, as per the agreed terms of the new Memorandum of Understanding, within the Management of Change procedure.  Thereafter a wider communication plan on the outcome of the Extended Leadership Team restructure will be implemented.


  1. The final structure, consultation and cost reduction for the reshaped Extended Leadership Team be noted.
  2. That the Local Assurance Test had been undertaken to test the feasibility of merging children’s and adult services and this be noted.
  3. The proposed grades and salaries for Executive Directors and statutory officers be agreed.
  4. The approach for appointments of the Executive Directors and statutory officers be agreed.
  5. The proposed structure and salaries for the remaining Assistant Directors posts be noted.
  6. Delegated authority to the Chief Executive to take appropriate recruitment action in the event that any roles remain unfilled after assimilation or ring fenced interviews, on the basis of ‘internal and external’ advertisement be agreed.