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To consider a report from the Executive Director – Economy and Infrastructure.


This report informs members of Eden Local Committee of the Multi-Agency Strategic Coordination Group (MASCG) arrangements that were carried out during the 2019 Appleby New Fair and asks Members to approve the consolidation of the Traffic Regulation Order and the Variation Order.



A report was considered from the Executive Director – Economy and Infrastructurewhich informed members of the Multi-Agency Strategic Coordination Group (MASCG) arrangements that were carried out during the 2019 Appleby New Fair. Eden Local Committee would be presented with the final revenue budget for 2020 in March for approval. Members were also asked to approve the consolidation of the Traffic Regulation Order and the Variation Order referred to at clause 3.1 of the report, and its amendment to include additional restrictions that were introduced this year on a temporary basis, and which were likely to be needed again to ensure the continued safety of visitors and travellers attending the Fair.

The Local Area Network Manager (Eden) stated that the report referred to costs and budget for 2019/20 not 2018/19 and drew members’ attention to the Appleby New Fair Traffic Management Plan 2019. He guided members through the issues raised in 2019. He advised that encampments on the A685 Brough to Kirkby Stephen was a key issue and talked about the Police’s increased presence in 2019 but they had indicated that this was not sustainable for future years. The Highways team had been reviewing temporary and permanent measures to improve safety. It was estimated the budget would remain the same in 2020 as in 2019.

A member queried what the Gypsy and Traveller community thought of the proposals and had the Romany and Irish Traveller communities been engaged in the Multi Agency Strategic Coordination Group’s (MASCG) proposals. She asked for reassurance that this had occurred. The Traffic Management Officer reported on the Groups involved with MASCG but the member considered that from the Groups listed in the Traffic Management Plan, some groups had not been involved. One member reported on the different groups represented at a meeting he had chaired.

Discussion took place on the methods available and those used for contacting the groups in question. It was highlighted by one member that some groups were reluctant to engage or attend meetings due to the commitment involved or timings/frequency of meetings. Mrs Bell asked that a discussion take place outside of the meeting for her to be informed of the attempts made to contact the Groups not mentioned in the MASCG Traffic Management Plan.

Mr Dew, the Committee’s representative on MASCG reported on his wish to have a more positive approach to the Fair and hoped that all groups and agencies could work together to enhance the event for all. He expressed his concern about the highways issues on the A685 due to encampments, the level of policing in future and he considered that some of the proposed measures were not cost effective. He stated that alternatives were needed so the Gypsies and Travellers had somewhere else to camp. He proposed that a letter be sent to MASCG from the Local Committee, asking it to consider the provision of temporary stopping places, possibly through the purchase of land in, in order to offer a permanent solution on the A685. Additionally the letter would request an Economic Impact Study be undertaken to ascertain the benefits to the wider community and review whether income could be generated from the Fair.

A number of members did not support the proposal, considering that it would not add anything over and above the attendance of Mr Dew at MASCG and the role he already had. A member outlined the reasons why a number of sites were not appropriate for gypsy and travelling communities’ encampments. Mr Dew reported on how the identification of sites was important and expressed his concern that someone could be killed on the A685.  He considered that a letter would add gravitas to the concerns he had already raised at MASCG.

A member was uncomfortable about the proposal to request a review on economic generation from the Fair. The Chair clarified that a letter would not be critical but instead start a discussion of the issues raised by Mr Dew. Mr Dew referred to a Draft Evaluation Report which referred to the costs of the Fair to the taxpayer and confirmed the letter would be to encourage a proactive discussion of the issues he had raised. In referring to the Draft Evaluation Report, some members considered that any action should take place after the report had been published and members had read it, therefore at this time, some members would not support the letter.

In providing clarification for the Committee, a member asked what extra power a letter would afford Mr Dew over and above that already afforded him by the Committee, as their representative on MASCG. Mr Dew felt that decisions at MASCG were made by officers but, as a member representing the electorate, residents’ views were not always acknowledged by MASCG. A member was concerned at this statement but felt this was a separate issue to be addressed and not linked to the issues that would be included in a letter. Mr Dew considered them to be linked. He considered that the letter could help resolve the temporary stopping places issues on the A685.

It was stated by a member and noted by the Committee that Mr Dew had total authority from the Local Committee to raise any issues at MASCG, in particular those he had raised during the meeting. The proposal was not seconded and therefore would not be actioned.

After a query from a member about the prohibition of all motor vehicles (except for access) from Jubilee Ford to the junction with the B6260, the Traffic Management Officer confirmed that this would only be enforced if needed.


1             The report be noted


2             The Local Committee agree to proceed to statutory consultation and advertisement of the proposed variations to, and consolidation of, The County of Cumbria (Various Roads, Eden Area)(Appleby Horse Fair)(Consolidation and Provision of Traffic Regulations) Order 2014 and The County of Cumbria (Various Roads, Eden Area) (Appleby Horse Fair) (Consolidation and Provision of Traffic Regulations) (Order 2014) Variation (No. 1) Order 2015, having taken into consideration the matters contained in Section 122(2) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 which are more specifically referred to at paragraph 7.2 of the Report, to introduce the changes shown at Appendix 3 to the report, which in summary are as follows.


A         U3337 Castle Bank Appleby – to prohibit all motor vehicles (except for access), from Jubilee Ford to the junction with the B6260;


B         B6260 Bridge Street Appleby – to prohibit horse drawn vehicles and ridden or accompanied horses from using Bridge Street between Low Cross Street and its junction with The Sands


C         B6542 The Sands - to prohibit horse drawn vehicles and ridden or accompanied horses from using the Sands from a point 10m north of its junction with Bridge Street to Bridge Street


3             Any representations received will be reported back through the Local Committee process for determination. However, in the absence of any such unresolved representations, the Local Committee to agree that the restrictions detailed in paragraph 3.2 above, be brought into operation as advertised.

4                    A discussion be held with Mrs Bell regarding the attempts made to contact the Groups not mentioned in the MASCG Traffic Management Plan.

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