Agenda item

Barrow Area Planning Report

[Electoral Divisions: All Barrow]


To consider a report by the Executive Director – Corporate, Customer and Community Services (copy enclosed).


This report provides Local Committee with an update on its work and agreed activity since the last meeting of the Committee.  It also includes a financial statement in support of the work of the Local Committee for Members’ information.



Members considered a report by the Executive Director – Corporate, Customer and Community Services which detailed information from across the Community teams including Community Development, Waste Prevention and Libraries, and provided an update on work and agreed activity since the last meeting of the Committee.


The Committee were updated on the COVID-19 response since the last meeting noting there had been significant changes to the work of the Community Development Team and the Council as a whole in light of the pandemic.  It was explained that the Barrow Welfare Hub which responded to Barrow borough related calls had been led by the Area Manager and Community Development Team in the locality, together with staff from other services in the County Council, and also full time staff from Barrow Borough Council who continued to serve as welfare officers. 


Members were given an update on area working and community services noting that the Team locally had also continued to work to support area planning activity, and priority areas of work with key areas including Barrow Main Library Redevelopment, Ormsgill Hub, Barrow Island Hub and Tackling Inequalities Fund. 


Members noted that the Town Deal Board had been a key area of focus for Local Committee.  It was explained that through discussions with the Borough Council and partners, the County Council had submitted a project for consideration to the Town Deal Board for inclusion in the Plan:


·                    Ormsgill Community Hub

·                    Bram Longstaffe

·                    Developing a Hub in Hindpool / Central

·                    Earnse Bay Skills and outdoor recreation centre concept


The local Member for Ormsgill informed members that due to a number of issues, including the pandemic and vandalism, work had been delayed on the Ormsgill Hub but this had now been resumed with security being provided.


The Committee was informed the project had been shortlisted and work was currently being undertaken with consultants to develop a Strategic Outline Business Case (SOBC) for completion in mid July.  It was explained this would be submitted to the Borough Council to form part of their overall submission to government.  Members would be kept informed of details regarding the submission.


A discussion took place regarding Children and Young People and members noted this remained a key area of work for the Local Committee and had been a standing item on the Barrow Local Resilience Group agenda, with partners coming together to address any issues that had arisen throughout the pandemic.


Members were informed that one issue which had been highlighted was that the Supporting Children Strengthening Families Group and the Locality Children’s Trust Board Group had a very similar membership and remit, and, therefore, it was proposed to merge the two groups into the Children’s Trust Board Group and disband the Supporting Children Strengthening Families Group. 


The Local Committee were, therefore, asked to consider disbanding the Supporting Children Strengthening Families Group and instead having representation on the Barrow Trust Board Group.  This Group in turn would regularly update the Local Committee and other key stakeholders.


It was noted that in March 2020 Local Committee had committed £9,500 for the development and running of a Festival of Activity.  It was explained that this was unable to take place due to the pandemic and members were asked to consider de-committing this amount back into the General Provisions budget. 


The Committee welcomed the report and congratulated the whole Team on their outstanding work during COVID 19.  They embraced the strong partnership working with the Borough Council, third sector and wider partners which had been undertaken and hoped this would continue in the future.


RESOLVED,   that


                          (1)          the report be noted;


                          (2)          the Supporting Children Strengthening Families Partnership Group be disbanded and merged with the Barrow Locality Children’s Trust Board Group (as detailed above);


                          (3)          the £9,500 previously allocated for holding a Festival of Activity in 2020 be de?committed and transferred back into General Provisions (as outlined in paragraph 4.31 of the report);


                          (4)          the previous budget allocation work carried out (detailed in Appendix 2 to the report) be noted and kept under review.


Supporting documents: