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Area Planning in Eden

[Electoral Divisions: All]


To consider a report from the Executive Director – Corporate, Customer and Community Services.


The Area Manager’s report brings together information from across the Community teams including Community Development and Services, Public Health and Waste Prevention. This report provides Local Committee with an update on the work of each area, identified activity against priorities, highlights current issues and provides an overview of the budget position.



A report was considered from the Executive Director – Corporate, Community and Customer Services regarding Area Planning in Eden. The report brought together information from across the community teams including community development and services as well as public health. An update was also provided on the work of each area identified against priorities. The report highlighted any current issues and provided an overview of the budget position. 

It was confirmed by the Senior Lawyer that now the Local Committee had resumed its public meetings that changes could be made to the recommendations set out in the reports.

The Area Manager introduced the report highlighting a number of key items. He welcomed that during the spread of COVID 19, many organisations, community groups and Council teams had worked together. He reported on the Eden Community Hub and how it was supported by multiple agencies and the work undertaken on the welfare helpline that supported the vulnerable in the community. He was pleased to report on the positive strategic working that had gone on during lockdown. The next phase was stabilisation and recovery in Eden and local stakeholders were sharing best practice to ensure the work already undertaken could be built upon. The existing structures were being formalised for health and wellbeing and policing for the future, post COVID 19. The aim was for recovery to be localised and the Area Manager reported on the work being undertaken in the localities to aid with opening up towns and villages. He thanked everyone involved in all the work that had been undertaken to date.

The Area Manager reported on the allocation of £5,000 to the development project in Matterdale. He drew members’ attention to the allocation of £4,433 for Carlisle and Eden Mind. He reassured members that officers were currently working on ways to reopen Eden Library service in a safe and secure way. Penrith library would be opened first then smaller branch libraries would follow.

A member congratulated all of the Eden based staff for their work and for their excellent joint working with the District Councils and members. All members were encouraged to spend their community budget allocation. The member thanked the County Council officer working with Matterdale residents for the work undertaken so far. He asked that the Living Building Challenge be recognised at Matterdale as the community wanted the community centre to be sustainable. He hoped that this could be then used as an example of best practice for similar projects. The same member asked what plans there were to make constructive use of the money that had not yet been spent in the out-turn budget for 2019/20. In relation to the Matterdale project, the Area Manager stated that the Council would continue to work closely with the community on this project and if further opportunities arose, they would be brought back before the Committee. In terms of the budget, the Area Manager highlighted that during the lockdown period, there had been opportunities to fund projects from other funding streams which meant that some of the budget was available for use during the recovery period.

The Chair advised that a number of projects were being considered which members’ community budgets would pay for.

A member reported on her involvement with the Eden Resilience Group and expressed that she was impressed with how officers and organisations had worked together. She expressed her thanks to community groups and the third sector for keeping members and the public well informed during the COVID 19 period. The member expressed her concern at the inconsistent level of representation from the health sector at the Eden Resilience Group, particularly Integrated Care. She considered that this was missing from Health discussions and that engagement should be improved with this sector. She referred to the planning of local outbreak control of COVID 19 and the need to try understand the involvement of local primary care networks and LMCs in this matter. She asked if there was an awareness of what was happening with local outbreak control and she encouraged an increase engagement with local GPs. The Area Manager advised that he would speak to the Public Health Locality Manager to get further advice on local outbreak control and circulate any information to members. He commented on the membership of the Resilience Group and the challenge of retaining health colleagues on it due to the demands placed upon them.

A number of members commented positively on joint working with community groups, the third sector and District Councils. The Chair thanked the Area Manager and his team for the work they had undertaken during the COVID 19 crisis.

A member asked for reassurance that as the Resilience Group moved towards recovery, that partnership working continued as at present. She asked that the Group establish the same aims as the Eden Health Forum and include strategic 3rd sector representatives who were knowledgeable and could signpost the Group during their work to avoid duplication. The Area Manager acknowledged that this was the way forward for the Resilience Group.

The Chair proposed to the Committee that the recommendations as set out in the report be agreed. As there was no dissent, it was


1             Members note the budget allocations for 2020-21 and the commitments and expenditure recorded to date. 

2             Members note the provisional unallocated resources in the 2020-21 Communities Revenue Budget of £143,184 as at 25 June 2020.

3             Members note an allocation of £5,000 from the Area Planning budget to support phase 1 of a project to develop a community and educational centre in Matterdale described in paragraphs 4.17 and appendix I of the report.

4             Members note allocations of £4,433 for Carlisle and Eden Mind, £2,550 for Hesket Parish Council and £1,720 for Eden Runners as described in paragraph 4.19 and appendices J through to L in the report.

5             The Area Manager to speak to the Public Health Locality Manager to get further advice on local outbreak control and circulate any information to members.



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