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Penrith Parking and Movement Study

[Electoral Divisions: All]


To consider a report from the Executive Director – Economy and Infrastructure.


This reportpresents information about the Penrith Parking and Movement Study.


Eden Local Committee considered a report from the Executive Director – Economy and Infrastructure which informed them that Cumbria County Council, Eden District Council and Penrith Town Council had jointly funded a project to develop a coherent and comprehensive parking and movement study for Penrith.


The overarching aims of the Penrith Parking and Movement Study were to understand how existing parking provision in Penrith could be improved, whilst seeking to enhance walking and cycling connectivity between car parking areas and the town centre, key employment sites and the bus and railway station.


The Penrith Parking and Movement Study had been prepared in four stages


·      Stage 1:      Baseline Information and Assessment;

·      Stage 2:      Identify Interventions;

·      Stage 3:      Develop Interventions; and

·      Stage 4:      Produce the Penrith Parking and Movement Study Report (and Non-Technical Summary)


It was acknowledged from the onset of the study that funding for the improvements was not currently available but that the study would provide a strong evidence base to enable the partner organisations to bid for and secure funding opportunities.


The eight packages of improvements identified in the Penrith Parking and Movement Study were:-


·      Package 1 - Additional Parking Capacity

·      Package 2 - Long Stay Parking in Penrith

·      Package 3 - Town Centre Parking

·      Package 4 - On-street Parking (Residential)

·      Package 5 - Penrith Town Centre Improvements

·      Package 6 - Addressing Nuisance Parking

·      Package 7 - Cycling and Walking Connectivity Improvements

·      Package 8 - Travel Demand and Technology Improvements


The PPMS presented the evidence base for a comprehensive package of interventions to improve parking and movement with Penrith, however, it was recognised that further scheme development would be required to enable their further assessment.  In addition it was envisaged that at Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) would be developed for Penrith and this could be supported by the PPMS, specifically in Package 7.


Members noted that to ensure momentum and to support the delivery of the interventions identified in the packages of improvements, an Implementation Group would be established to co-ordinate and monitor progress. The Implementation Group would co-ordinate requests for funding (and seek the relevant approvals from respective committees) to secure the delivery of the interventions. Updates on progress of the delivery of the interventions would be reported through the partner organisations’ committee structures when appropriate.


The Local Member for Eden Lakes commented that a number of the proposed schemes, such as the Park and Ride Scheme, and cycling schemes were Penrith based and he hoped they would be extended to include some of the outlying areas.


He also commented that the issue of congestion in and around Penrith still needed to be resolved, and he did not necessarily agree that the introduction of additional parking bays in Penrith was the answer.


The Infrastructure Planning Manager responded to say that this was currently only a study, and that more development of the schemes would be undertaken before any firm proposals were agreed.


The Local Member for Penrith West supported the project.  She had previously expressed concerns with Package No 6, which specifically referenced Wetheriggs Lane but none of the other street locations.  However, the Infrastructure Planning Manager had provided clarification of the streets included in the proposal, and she was now content to support this.


The Local Member for Penrith North asked for clarification on what was meant by stakeholder engagement.  The officer responded with the detail, and reassured members that public consultation on specific proposals would be carried out.


The Local Member for Penrith East supported all of the proposals but hoped that the development of the schemes would now move forward with pace.


RESOLVED,     that Eden Local Committee


(1)      endorse the principle of the package of improvements (as summarised in the Penrith Parking and Movement Study Non-Technical Summary – Appendix B) and note the delivery leads for each package;

(2)      agree to work together with EDC and PTC to explore the opportunities for funding, to deliver the package of improvements through internal and external funding sources, and to agree how the improvements should be prioritised; and

(3)      Agree to the establishment of a working group to ensure the co-ordinated delivery of the package of improvements.


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