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Barrow Highways Advisory Sub-Group

[Electoral Divisions: All Barrow]


To consider a report by the Executive Director – Economy and Infrastructure (copy enclosed).


This report gives recommendations for approval by Barrow Local Committee from the Highways Advisory Sub-Group meeting held on 11 December 2020.



The Committee considered a report from the Executive Director – Economy and Infrastructure which gave details of the discussion and recommendations of the Highways Advisory Sub-Group for the Barrow area which met on 11 December 2020.


The local Member for Hindpool drew the Committee’s attention to a concern regarding flooding on the highway at the bottom of Cows Tarn Lane since the development of the new housing estate; emphasising the dangers this caused during freezing conditions and asked that this be investigated as a matter of urgency. 


The local Member for Walney North asked who was responsible for the matter and it was confirmed this was shared between the Developer and County Council, explaining that as the problem crossed onto the highway it became the Authority’s responsibility.  During the course of discussion the local Member informed the Committee that prior to approval of the planning application concerns regarding flooding in the area had been highlighted in a public meeting.


The Local Highways Network Manager agreed to raise this matter as soon as possible with colleagues and report back to members.


The local Member for Dalton North drew attention to the discussion which had taken place regarding parking issues on the corner of Fell Croft and Chapel Street, Dalton and sought reassurance that this matter would be investigated and confirmation of a timescale.  The Local Area Network Manager confirmed this work would not be undertaken during the current financial year and explained that next year’s Works Programme was currently being investigated and he would provide an update to the local Member in due course.


The local Member for Hindpool drew attention to the traffic calming measures which were in place on Holker Street and raised her concerns regarding problems incurred due to the increasing number of large heavy vehicles which used this route and asked if this could be investigated.  The Local Highways Network Manager acknowledged the changes which had occurred since the implementation of the traffic calming measures and agreed this should be looked into.


During the course of discussion attention was drawn to potential site visits to back streets in member divisions and it was agreed that, due to the current pandemic restrictions, this would be postponed.


The Chair of the Local Committee drew attention to the concerns which had been raised regarding the number of abandoned boats and trailers on Rampside and the Promenade.  He informed members that Barrow Borough Council was introducing a revised Waste Policy which would include the removal of such abandoned vehicles together with caravans and trailers parked on residential streets. 


The local Member for Roosecote informed the Committee that the Commissioner for Wrecks Regulations did not include the removal of small boats but he would continue to investigate this matter further.


The local Member for Walney North highlighted the concerns he had raised regarding the lack of enforcement of 20mph limits by the Police and asked if a response had been received from the Chief Constable.  The Chair of the Sub?Group confirmed no response had been received to date and he would chase the matter up. 


The local Member for Dalton South thanked officers for the resurfacing work which had been undertaken on Market Street but raised an issue regarding drainage problems between numbers 83 and 95.  During the course of discussion he drew attention to the lack of lines indicating the disabled bay and asked that this be investigated further.


The local Member for Roosecote informed members that Holbeck Park Avenue was a bus route and raised his concerns regarding the lack of gritting highlighting he had previously requested this on a number of occasions.  The Local Highways Network Manager agreed to include this in a future route review.


The local Member for Walney South thanked officers for ongoing works in his Division.  He asked if the issues regarding the churned up grass verges could be included in next year’s Programme.


The local Member for Dalton North asked if the existing sign heading out of Ireleth on the A595 could be relocated to a more prominent position to warn motorists of the pedestrian cross and school in an attempt to mitigate against speeding motorists outside Ireleth St Peter’s School.  It was agreed the Area Highways Network Manager would investigate this matter and report back direct to the local Member.


A discussion took place regarding the enforcement of 20 mph speed limits and members were informed that any limits included in a Traffic Regulation Order were enforceable by law.


(1)       Minutes


RESOLVED,    that the minutes of the meeting held on 11 December 2020 be noted.


(2)       Skelgate, Dalton-in-Furness – Review of Existing Traffic Calming


RESOLVED,    that


                           (a)         the report be noted;


                           (b)         the assessment of the current traffic calming on Skelgate in Dalton-in-Furness and the outcome that the existing road hump should NOT be removed be noted.


The Chair of the Local Committee, whilst acknowledging the concerns raised by members at the meeting, asked that unless a matter was deemed urgent, such issues should be raised initially at the Barrow Highways Sub?Group.  It was agreed that the Terms of Reference of the Sub?Group would be considered by relevant members and officers.


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