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Barrow Highways Advisory Sub-Group

[Electoral Divisions: All Barrow]


To consider a report by the Executive Director – Economy and Infrastructure (copy enclosed).


This report gives recommendations for approval by Barrow Local Committee from the Highways Advisory Sub-Group meetings held on 9 April and 11 June 2021.



The Committee considered a report from the Executive Director – Economy and Infrastructure which gave details of the discussions and recommendations of the Highways Advisory Sub-Group (HASG) for the Barrow area which met on 9 April and 11 June 2021.


(1)       Minutes


With reference to Minute 3 of the meeting held on 11 June 2021 – Update from Cumbria Police Authority members were informed that the meeting to discuss the traffic congestion concerns at Hollywood Park had taken place.  The Local Area Highways Network Manager explained that following correspondence with the Land Agent for the Park they had informed him that ‘the landlords were currently looking at solutions and options’.  It was agreed that designs which had been drafted for the area by the Authority would be made available to the Land Agent and that a further meeting would be convened when further information had been received.


During the course of discussion the local Member for Walney North informed members that a notice had recently been erected at the entrance to Hollywood Park directing vehicles to an alternative access point.  It was agreed the Local Area Highways Network Manager would investigate this matter further.


With reference to Minute 4 of the Meeting held on 11 June 2021 – Update from Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service the local Member for Hindpool confirmed that a site visit had been undertaken to the area at the rear of the Cross Keys Public House and emphasised the concerns raised at the Sub?Group meeting highlighting the need for investment.  During the course of discussion it was suggested that consideration be given to the introduction of a restriction to allow 15 minutes waiting for vehicles in the area. 


Members asked that this matter be considered in consultation with representatives from Barrow Borough Council and that the Traffic Manager Team Leader (Barrow) bring a report for consideration to the next meeting of Barrow Highways Sub?Group on 12 October 2021.


RESOLVED,    that the minutes of the meetings held on 9 April and 11 June 2021 be noted.


(2)       Safer Schools – School Streets Initiative


The Chair of the Local Committee informed members that due to the timescale for the submission of information to be included in the School Streets Initiative pilot he had been asked to agree a school in the Barrow area.  He explained that, taking into consideration the criteria, he had recommended Ormsgill Nursery and Primary School as first choice with Askam Village School as the reserved option.


A discussion took place regarding this matter and members raised their concerns and disappointment at the way in which this matter had been dealt with by officers.  The local members for Dalton North and Hindpool, whilst acknowledging the situation in which the Chair had been placed, expressed their disagreement with the proposed schools.


The local Member for Dalton North explained to the Committee that he had previously been informed that Askam Village School had been identified as the pilot school and that a significant amount of consultation had taken place with a number of people to prepare resources for the scheme.  During the course of discussion he highlighted that Askam Village School was the only school in the area where a major incident had taken place, emphasising that the safety of children was paramount.


The Committee, therefore, agreed that the Chair would inform the Officer concerned that Askam Village School would be named as the one to take place in the pilot and Ormsgill Nursery and Primary would be the reserved option.


A discussion took place regarding the potential use of funding from other budgets to fund two pilots.  The Committee agreed that one pilot should take place initially before being rolled out to other schools in the area.  Members raised general concerns regarding safety issues at a number of schools and suggested that this matter be discussed further at the next meeting of Barrow Highways Sub?Group in October.


RESOLVED,    to proceed to statutory consultation on the proposal to introduce an Experimental Traffic Order to introduce a “School Street” in the Barrow area outside Askam Village School with Ormsgill Nursery and Primary School being the reserve school, the effect of which will be to reduce traffic levels outside of the School during school arrival and departure times.


(3)       Barrow Local Committee Provisional Devolved Highways Capital Programme 2021/22


RESOLVED,    that the revised Devolved Capital budget and the reallocation of schemes detailed in the DfT pothole funding allocation for 2021/22 (as detailed below) be agreed:-


                           (i)          the revised Devolved Highways Non Principal Road Network Capital Programme for 2021/22 (as detailed in Appendices 1 and 2 of the report);


                           (ii)         the inclusion of the schemes (outlined in paragraph 4.4 of the report) within the Pothole Capital Funding for 2021/22.


Members noted there were no recommendations arising from the meeting on the 11 June.


The local Member for Dalton North asked for an update on the arrival of the JCB pothole machine and the Local Highways Network Manager confirmed the procurement exercise had been completed but a date for delivery of the equipment had not been received.


A discussion took place regarding the availability of materials for highways schemes and the Highways Network Manager confirmed that there were delays in receiving certain goods.


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