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Barrow Area Planning Report

[Electoral Divisions: All Barrow]


To consider a report by the Executive Director – Corporate, Customer and Community Services (copy enclosed).


This report provides Local Committee with an update on its work and agreed activity since the last meeting of the Committee.  It also includes a financial statement in support of the work of the Local Committee for Members’ information.



The Committee considered a report from the Executive Director – Corporate, Customer and Community Services which detailed information from across the Community teams including Community Development, Libraries and Archives; it provided an update on work and agreed activity since the last meeting of the Committee.


The Library Customer Manager gave a positive verbal update to members informing them of the progress with regards to refurbishment of the Library which included a sensory room, children’s area, IT area and local studies space.  It was explained that staff were working differently in supporting customers, highlighting that through recent funding a number of colleagues had received training which had provided them with the skills to undertake one to one IT training.


The Committee was informed that work was also being undertaken with the Health and Wellbeing Coaches who had provided training to enable staff to be able to identify customers who required additional support and signpost them to appropriate services.


The local Member for Ormsgill congratulated the work which had been undertaken to provide the new successful Library in his Division.


Members expressed their thanks and appreciation to the Area Manager (Barrow), Library Customer Manager and all Library colleagues for the work and support which they had provided to make the Library a fantastic venue.


The Committee received an update from the Children’s Trust Board who continued to meet regularly and had recently established working groups to specifically consider vulnerable children, early help and prevention, universal services and neighbourhood approach.  During the course of discussion the importance of early help and prevention was emphasised.


Members received an update on the Dalton Borderlands Place Programme  and noted that the community consultation had been very positive.  It was explained that further information would be available at the next meeting of Barrow Local Committee.


Members noted that in in relation to the £200,000 funding stream relating to outdoor spaces two separate workshops had been held to consider potential schemes.  It was explained that a number of proposals had been put forward and were considered at an Informal Local Committee meeting of 18 June.  The Committee was informed that the proposed shortlist of schemes which they wished to see progressed using the funding were Westfield Trail, Biggar Bank, Old Monks Trail, Mill Brow – Abbey Road to Park Road Roundabout, installation/replacement benches and Heritage and Cultural Information (detailed further in the report).


The Committee was informed that Barrow Borough Council had confirmed they wished to establish a process, such as a Poverty Truth Commission, to identify and remediate financial inequalities with particular reference to the existing vulnerable residents and the potential for a large cohort of newly vulnerable residents, due to secondary impacts of the outbreak.  It was explained the Borough Council had already identified much of the funding for this work and Local Committee was asked to consider funding £10,000 towards the Scheme over two years.


Members had agreed that as this aligned directly with Local Committees priorities, in particular the priority of “improving health and wellbeing and tackling poverty,” they supported £5,000 towards this from the 2020/21 budget and agreed to consider funding the additional £5,000 from the 2021/22 budget if possible.


The Committee had received information regarding ‘Active Start’, an early year’s programme for children between the ages of 2 and 7 with the prime focus of using physical activity and active play to support a child to be healthy, to learn and be active for life.  Members noted that an approach had been made by Active Cumbria to consider a grant of £10,000 to support this pilot project.


RESOLVED    that


                          (1)          the report be noted;


                          (2)          the budget allocations (outlined in Appendix 3 of the report) be agreed;


                          (3)          the six schemes (as detailed above and in paragraph 4.42 of the report) to be funded and delivered from the Contain Outbreak Mitigation Fund Improving Outdoor Spaces (Area Based Events and Activities) workstream be agreed;


                          (4)          £5,000 be allocated to the Borough Council to support a Poverty Truth Commission from General Provisions (as outlined in Paragraph 4.47i of the report);


                          (5)          a grant of £10,000 from the 0-19 Services budget to Active Cumbria to support pilot a project for Active Start (referred to above and in paragraph 4.47ii of the report) be agreed.


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