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Barrow Area Planning Report

[Electoral Divisions: All Barrow]


To consider a report by the Executive Director – Corporate, Customer and Community Services (copy enclosed).


This report provides Local Committee with an update on its work and agreed activity since the last meeting of the Committee.  It also includes a financial statement in support of the work of the Local Committee for Members’ information.



Members considered a positive report by the Executive Director – Corporate, Customer and Community Services which detailed information from across the Community teams including Community Development, Archives and libraries, and provided an update on work and agreed activity since the last meeting of the Committee.


The Committee received an update on the COVID response noting that the COVID Recovery Group continued to meet and still included Community Resource Distribution Points and the wider partners such as Integrated Care Community, Age UK, Barrow Foodbank, Family Action and the Barrow Advice Hub as well as the Health and Wellbeing Coaches. 


Members were informed that the Tree/Environment Working Group had both supported the bid into the Local Authority Treescape fund as well as the Council’s Environment Fund.  It was explained that it had also begun to consider possible sites across the borough for planting trees, wildflowers and hedgerows, as well as considering locations to allow natural rewilding to take place. 


The local Member for Dalton North welcomed the successful bid into the Local Authority’s Treescape fund and asked for further information regarding the location of the trees and confirmation that the Local Area Highways Network Manager had the capacity to undertake this additional work without this compromising his current workload.  The Local Area Highways Network Manager confirmed that additional resources had been requested to manage this project and an agreement, in principle, had been made regarding the location of the trees which included Abbey Road, Hartington Street and Risedale Road.  The Committee was informed the scheme would be provided through a contractor via a procurement exercise and the funding would include future maintenance of the trees.


The Committee received an update on the Barrow Town Deal noting that the final business case for the Hubs programme had been submitted to the Barrow Borough Council’s formal assurance process following which the final overall Town Deal submission would be made to Government at the end of the year.  It was explained that subject to a successful outcome a detailed delivery plan would be further developed for the Hubs with delivery starting in 2022.  The Chair, on behalf of the Committee, thanked Adele Fitzsimmons, Programme and Project Officer, for her support in this matter.


Members were informed that the Dalton Borderlands Town Team as well as the Dalton Community Partnership continued to meet regularly.  The Committee noted that the Town Team had considered the feedback from the consultation and the proposed format and content of the Place Plan.  It was explained the consultants were currently working on the Plan and a draft would be shared with the Town Team in autumn for their feedback and consideration before being brought to Local Committee for formal consideration.


The local Member for Walney North welcomed the Earnse Bay project and commented on the excellent work which had been undertaken.  During the course of discussion he raised his concerns regarding safety at the entrance to West Shore Park due to the lack of a pedestrian crossing or safety railing and asked if this matter could be looked at further as soon as possible.  The Area Manager acknowledged this was integral to the project and would be investigated further.


The local Member for Ormsgill highlighted the success of the Ormsgill Community Centre and drew attention to the programme of events over the summer provided through the Ormsgill Stronger Together.  The Community Development Team, in particular Sim Tiribocchi, were thanked and congratulated for their support in this project.


The Committee was informed that the funding for Local Committee’s Community Grants Fund was now fully committed and as more organisations began to resume activities members were asked to consider whether they wished to vire an additional £10,000 from General Provisions into the Community Grants pot to support groups going forward.


The local Member for Dalton North, whilst agreeing in principle to a grant of £10,000 to Barrow Borough Council did not fully support this due to the lack of information regarding the proposed projects.  The Area Manager, whilst acknowledging the concerns raised, assured members the budget would be used appropriately.


The Library Customer Manager gave a positive update regarding Barrow Library and Archive Services highlighting the success of the summer reading challenge which had started with 199 young people and finished with 104 completing this.  Members welcomed the information on the Barrow Library Building Project, Home Delivery Service, Ormsgill Services Day, Liz Million, Reading Agency and Sarah and Duck as well as the Heritage Street Zone on Duke Street and the additional funding awarded by Historic England to fund a 4 year programme of cultural events as part of the Lost Shops of Duke Street project. 


The Chair, on behalf of the Committee, thanked the Library Customer Manager and Team for their excellent work.  


The Committee received an update on the Barrow Children and Families Partnership and welcomed the holiday, activities and food programme continuing over the Christmas holidays in 2021. 


Members were informed that the Children’s Trust Partnership Board was focussing on early help and preventative services.  It was explained there was a pilot scheme being undertaken in the Barrow area involving a number of agencies to provide wraparound services to try and keep families safely together.  The Local Committee welcomed this and the positive progress which was being made.


The Chair, on behalf of the Committee, thanked the Community Team for the significant work which they had undertaken during the pandemic.


RESOLVED,     that


                            (1)       the report be noted;


                            (2)       the following outstanding grants (as outlined in paragraph 4.58 of the report) be approved:-


                                        (i)        £40,000 to the COVID Community Recovery Group via Spring Mount to pilot a co?ordinated approach to providing essential items and support;


                                        (ii)       up to £30,000 to Health and Partners to use the Harri Bus and partner activity to engage with communities across the borough providing a range of COVID and other support and advice to communities;


                                        (iii)      £10,000 to Barrow and District Disability Association to re?establish and deliver activities to support people following the pandemic in a COVID safe manner;


                                        (iv)      £10,000 to Barrow Borough Council to support a range of events and activities within the borough;


                                        (v)       £10,000 to Barrow Borough Council for community engagement and a programme of events and activity around the development of the Town Deal Town Centre Hub at the Forum working with the Forum and Cando FM;


                            (3)       £10,000 be vired from General Provisions to Community Grants.


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