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[Electoral Divisions: All]


To consider a report from the Executive Director – Economy and Infrastructure.


This report sets out the proposed draft programme of works which it is anticipated can be delivered through the devolved highways capital funding available for 2022/23.


A report was considered from the Executive Director – Economy and Infrastructure regarding the Draft Eden Highways Budget 2022/23. The report set out the proposed draft programme of works which it was anticipated could be delivered through the devolved highways capital funding available for 2022/23. The proposed capital programme allocations were summarised in paragraph 4.3.1 and detailed in appendices 1, 2, 3, and 4 and 4a of the report.


The Network Manager, Eden presented the report and guided members through the proposed draft programme of works.


Discussion turned to traditional finger post sign refurbishment. A member welcomed that there would be upgrades and improvements to historic sign posts and questioned whether it was realistic for the scheme to retain the current level of funding. The Network Manager, Eden talked about the joint funding which would be used to clear the backlog of work.


A member mentioned local residents’ concerns about a number of issues on the A6 at Clifton and asked what action could be taken. The Network Manager, Eden advised on his meeting with a local resident regarding surface dressing and commented on a number of improvements programmed to take place at Clifton including improved lighting at the traffic island and an extension to the length of the visi rail outside Clifton school. Wider footpaths however, could not be provided as the width of the A6 could not be changed.


The poor state of the road at Winter Tarn due to farm detritus was raised by a member. The Network Manager, Eden advised that he had spoken to the new tenant farmer who had undertook to clean the road. This situation would be monitored by officers.


A member thanked the Network Manager, Eden and his team for their work in Eden. She welcomed the allowance of £20,000 to continue the preservation and restoration of traditional highway fingerpost signs. A member advised on a post that needed repaired in her division and would take this up with the Network Manager, Eden outside of the meeting. The Network Manager, Eden was congratulated on the preventative approach to highways improvement in Eden.


Discussion ensued on the protocol for members to use when dealing with an issue raised by a resident in a different electoral division to their own. A member commented on how she dealt with resident enquiries where there was a shared electoral division boundary and queried why a member would ask a question at Local Committee on another member’s electoral division. Another member commented on how as a member of Eden Local Committee, his role was to have the wider Eden interest at heart. It was raised by a member that it was courteous to work on behalf of a resident whatever their division was. A member considered it to be polite and courteous that if a resident contacted a member about an issue, it should be passed onto the relevant Local Member as they were elected to represent residents in that division.


The Chair proposed that the recommendations as set out in the report be agreed. These were agreed by assent of the Committee.




1     That the apportionment of the devolved Draft Highways Capital budget for 2022/23 be approved as detailed in paragraph 4.3.1.


2     That the list of named schemes detailed in Appendices 1, 2, 3, 4 and 4a be approved as a draft devolved Highways Capital programme for 2022/23.

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