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Mr S J Lindsay has requested that a petition be presented in his absence, asking that Cumbria County Council grit the village of Tallentire, Nr Cockermouth in its entirety, and the original grit bins together with additional bins be located within the village.



Petition from Mr S J Lindsay – Tallentire


Mr Lindsay had contacted officers to say that due to the increase of cases of coronavirus he asked that his petition be presented in his absence.


Mr Lindsay’s petition contained 128 signatures and asked that Cumbria County Council grit the village of Tallentire in its entirety and that the original grit bins, together with additional bins be located within the village.

Mr Lindsay had commented that there had been an agreement between Cumbria County Council and the Parish Council for the past 10 years to grit the northern end of Tallentire village. However, this agreement appeared to have lapsed, and the existing grit bins had been withdrawn from the parts of the village which were gritted.

The petition was asking Cumbria County Council to honour the pre-existing agreement and to return the original grit bins located at Hillcrest, adjacent to No 1 Greenside and at the top of Bell Brow, with a request for additional bins at Highcroft Close, Fernleigh Close and adjacent to the Chestnuts estate.  In the past 12 months 13 new dwellings had been built at the northern end of the village which needed adequate gritting provision.


The petition was then handed to the Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport.

The Cabinet Member responded to thank Mr Lindsay for his petition and gave the following response:-


“Cumbria County Council gritting activities take place each year from October through until April and could be longer, dependent upon the weather.  The service operated 24hr per day, 7 days per week and gritting activities were procedurally linked to the locations of grit bins.


The Council’s winter maintenance policy required Cumbria County Council to undertake winter activities on roads, in a priority order.


Our priority 1 and 2 routes were treated whenever frost or ice or snow was predicted.  The first priority routes were those that carried large volumes of traffic and linked the major economic centres of the county and region.  The Second priority routes served local needs but still carried a significant volume of traffic.


Only once Priority 1 and Priority 2 routes were completed and were deemed to be safe and prolonged sub zero temperatures were forecast, would the Council resources be deployed to treat priority 3 routes, providing that those resources were available.  Grit bins are placed on routes that aren’t priority 1 and priority 2 as these roads are not subjected to routine gritting treatments.


In regard to the petition and in relation to the situating of grit bins, the approved policy was clear that Cumbria County Council does not provide grit bins for current priority 1 or priority 2 gritting routes.  The grit bins located at Hill crest, adjacent to No 1 Greenside and at the top of Bell Brow were situated on a current priority 2 gritting route therefore, in line with the County Council policy, these grit bins were removed and would not be returned to these locations.


In regard to the requests for new grit bin provision in Tallentire outlined in the petition specifically relating to Highcroft Close, Fernleigh Close and adjacent to the Chestnuts, these were new requests that had not been assessed by our Highways department and these requests would be passed to the area highways teams to assess against the policy.


The outcome of the requests for new grit bins would be communicated to Mr Lindsay directly by the Highways teams.’


There were no referrals from Scrutiny or Local Committees to this meeting.