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Cumbria CVS Update

[Electoral Divisions: All Carlisle]


To receive a presentation from Cumbria CVS (copy enclosed).



The Committee received a presentation from Niall McNulty, Cumbria CVS North District Manager.


Members were informed of their strategic objectives which included:-


        Make Cumbria a better place to live and work – through positive “system change”

        Support members to achieve their goals and manage change

        Identify and fill gaps in service provision around Cumbria (in partnership)

        Ensure financial sustainability.


The Committee noted that Cumbria’s Third Sector had over 2,500 registered organisations with a similar number of small, unregistered organisations, 9,000 full?time equivalent staff and 50,000 volunteers.


Members acknowledged the large number of volunteers whilst highlighting the significant amount of ‘hidden’ volunteers within communities and asked whether data was available on those.  The District Manager explained that work was being undertaken with regards to recording this information.


A question was raised regarding the £400m to the Cumbrian Economy and officers confirmed they were headline statistics from national CVS figures.


The Committee discussed the duplication of work undertaken by both the CVS and other organisations and how this could be reduced.  The District Manager acknowledged that some duplication did take place and explained there was now an improved dialogue with other organisations which included the development of a network of community workers and groups to try and avoid competition and duplication.


During the course of discussion members drew attention to the invaluable support from local communities during the pandemic and emphasised the need to ensure this continued.


Members received details of the services which were provided and noted they included:-


·                Business Development

·                Funding Advice and Support

·                Carlisle Funding Fair

·                Governance Support

·                Training

·                Volunteer Brokerage

·                DBS disclosures

·                Network support - Trustee Network, Mental Health Provider Forum, Action for Health.


A discussion took place regarding the implementation of the health agenda; it was acknowledged that CVS was continually challenged with regards to funding whilst highlighting a role for the third sector.


Members were informed of the ongoing delivery which included funding support, governance support, organisation development, Carlisle & Eden Community Workers Forum and Trustees Network.


The Committee noted that future delivery would include:-


·                Physical Activity on Referral partnership - bringing together partnership;

·                Carlisle Resilience Co-ordinator;

·                County?Wide Funding Officer;

·                Community Groups Network develop a shared space for collaborative working, sharing and peer support. – A shared collective VOICE;

·                Forces Link CIC secured 2 years funding as independent project to support ex forces personnel and their families.


The Committee welcomed the Forces Link, highlighting the new Armed Forces Covenant and how Cumbria CVS could help to ensure this was embedded.  It was agreed that further information regarding the Force Link would be provided to the Local Committee’s Armed Forces Champion.


The local Member for Belah referred to the terminology used in the Organisation’s Values and asked when the decision had been made to change the reference to ‘equality’ with ‘equity’.  The District Manager emphasised that equality was part of their objectives and would provide further information direct with regards to the change in terminology.


The local Member for Belle Vue asked that her thanks and appreciation be conveyed to members of CVS for the invaluable support they continued to provide to the Lookout Community Hub project in Raffles, Carlisle.


The Chair, on behalf of the Committee, thanked the Cumbria District Manager for his informative presentation.


RESOLVED,   that the update be noted.


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