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Barrow Area Planning Report

[Electoral Divisions: All Barrow]


To consider a report by the Assistant Director – Customer and Community Services (copy enclosed).


This report provides Local Committee with an update on its work and agreed activity since the last meeting of the Committee.  It also includes a financial statement in support of the work of the Local Committee for Members’ information.



Members considered a positive detailed report by the Assistant Director – Customer and Community Services which brought together information from across the Community teams including Community Development, Archives and libraries, and provided an update on work and agreed activity since the last meeting of the Committee.


The Committee noted a workshop which had been held with a range of organisations and services such as Barrow Foodbank, The Well, Women’s Community Matters, Salvation Army, Springmount and County Council Health and Wellbeing Coaches.  It was explained the purpose of this was to build on the discussions taking place through the Barrow Resilience Group, Poverty Working Group, and other partnerships to understand how work could continue to strengthen the support provided for individuals and families struggling with financial hardship.


Members were informed that in order to progress the larger amounts of funding for both Springmount and Barrow Foodbank, Local Committee was formally requested to approve this for food purchasing and wider community support.


The Committee was informed that the Local Committee Neighbourhood Grants fund had been very well used to date this financial year and all funding had now been spent.  It was explained that at an Informal Local Committee meeting members had asked for an additional £10,000 to be transferred from General Provisions to the Community Grants budget to enable additional applications to be considered.


The Committee’s attention was drawn to the current balance of £16,000 in the Environment Fund due to a potential scheme in the Dalton North Division not going ahead because of the lack of availability of match funding. 


Members were informed of a number of concerns raised regarding trees in the centre of Barrow, particularly on Risedale Road and Hartington Street which required maintenance.  The Committee was, therefore, asked to consider allocating the £16,000 balance of the Environment Fund to meet some of the costs to undertake this work.


Members noted a suggestion made to establish a network of ‘warm places’ across the borough which people could access over winter in order to keep warm, access hot drinks and receive information/signposting where needed.  During the course of discussion the local Member for Hindpool drew attention to a café facility located within the Barrow and District Disability Association premises and the potential inclusion of this as a ‘warm place’.  The Area Manager confirmed that the Association had offered this space; members also noted that the Community Foundation had been approached for additional funding.


The Public Health Project Officer gave a brief positive update on work being undertaken which included Physical Activity on Referral, Weight Management – Slimming World, In-Reach Alcohol Support at Furness General Hospital, Vaccination Uptake and Targeting and Wider Determinants of Health.


The Area Manager explained that an end of term report, outlining work which had been undertaken by the Local Committee over the past five years, would be presented to a future meeting and asked members to provide her with any information they would like included in the document.


The Chair, on behalf of the Committee, thanked the Community Team for their continued support and asked that their achievements be included in the end of term report.


RESOLVED,   that


                          (1)          the report be noted;


                          (2)          as part of the Local Committee’s Cost of Living Funding (as detailed in paragraphs 4.5-4.12 of the report) agree:-


                                        (i)        £10,000 for Barrow Foodbank to purchase additional food;


                                        (ii)       £10,100 for Springmount to act as a central point to provide energy cost support and any other essential items;


                          (3)          £10,000 be vired from General Provisions to the Community Grants budget (as detailed above and outlined in paragraph 4.73 of the report);


                          (4)          the £16,000 balance of the 2022/23 Environment fund be used on tree works (as detailed in paragraphs 4.74?76 of the report).


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