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[Electoral Divisions: All Eden]

To consider a report from the Assistant Director - Customer and Community Services

This report provides Local Committee with an update on the work of each area, identified activity against priorities, highlights current issues and provides an overview of the budget position


A report was considered from the Assistant Director - Customer and Community Services regarding Area Planning in Eden. The report brought together information from across the community teams including Community Development and Services as well as Public Health. The report gave an update on each area, identified activity against priorities, highlighted current issues and provided an overview of the budget position.


The Area Manager presented the report. He highlighted the decisions to be made and reported on the funding request from PAUSE. He advised that following discussions on the additional funding available to help people with the cost of living, cash would be allocated to three organisations in Eden. Details were provided on the work being undertaken on supporting youth clubs in Eden and the funding ask from The Riverside Group Ltd of £8,000. This would leave a surplus of £12,000 in the 11-19 Universal Services Budget which members were asked to vire to the 0-19 Budget.


After a member asked for further details on the work of the three intended recipients of the cost of living support fund, the Community Development Officer detailed what the arrangements would be.


A query was raised on the surplus money in the Area Planning Budget. A member asked if it could be carried over into the new Westmorland and Furness Authority. The Area Manager advised that it was not anticipated that there would be a surplus at the end of the financial year.


A member felt that the priorities of the Rural Issues Working Group could be expanded to include transport.


The Community Development Officer detailed the reasons why 11-19 Universal Youth Provision Fund was not spent in 2019 after a member highlighted that 2019 was not fully affected by the COVID pandemic. The Chair thanked the Community Development Officer for her work.


The Chair put the recommendations to the Committee. These were agreed by assent.




1          Members note the budget allocations for 2022-23 and the commitments and expenditure to date.

2          Members note the provisional unallocated resources in the 2022-23 Communities Revenue Budget of £61,796 as of 30 September 2022.

3          Members agree to award a grant of £11,040 from the Area Planning budget to support the PAUSE project as described at 4.31 – 4.32 of the report.

4          Members note the awards from the cost of living support allocation to enable food purchases via those named supporting agencies as described at 4.33-4.35 of the report.

5          Members agree to a grant of £8,000 to The Riverside Group Ltd from the 11-19 Universal Services budget as previously allocated for universal service provision in Penrith and as described at 4.37 of the report.

6          Members agree to vire the £12,000 unallocated balance from the 11-19 Universal Services Budget to the oversubscribed 0-19 budget as described at 4.38 of the report.

7          Members note the area planning update in 4.5 to 4.45 of the report.

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