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[Electoral Divisions: All Eden]

To consider a report from the Executive Director – Economy and Infrastructure

This report provides Local Committee with an update


A report was considered from the Executive Director – Economy and Infrastructure regarding the Howtown Road 24 hr Rural Clearway and No Stopping on Verge Restriction. The report updated Members in relation to the Experimental 24 hr Rural Clearway and supported No Stopping on Verge restriction Traffic Order, which was introduced in August 2021 along that section of highway in the Eden District known as ‘Howtown Road, Pooley Bridge’. A decision was required from Members on making the restrictions permanent.


The Traffic Management Team Leader (Eden) presented the report. She talked through the proposals, the reasons why they had been progressed with support from the Lake District National Park Authority and why the rural clearway was viewed as the best method to resolve the issues. The responses received through the 6 month consultation period were referred to as was the work of the Civil Enforcement Team. She talked of her meeting with Martindale Parish Council Highway Representatives and the resulting outcomes. She confirmed that the proposals would be monitored and amended if necessary.


A member commented positively on the work with the Martindale Parish Council representatives. He stated that not all of the Groups who had responded through the consultation were unanimously in favour of the proposals, in some cases there had been majority vote in favour. He noted that a number of objectors identified as visitors lived in Penrith, talked about the main issues around the Outward Bound centre and commented on the concerns of Howtown Hotel. He welcomed the proposals and highlighted the best times for Civil Enforcement to attend the area. He asked that signage be judiciously placed, that legitimate parking spaces be made clear to the public and a scaled down version of the proposals be introduced at Howtown.


The Traffic Management Team Leader (Eden) explained the reasons for the proposal, why a scaled down version was not possible and why the urban clearway was the best option in her professional opinion.


The member reiterated a number of points made above and stated that he would welcome lobbying on the matter from the public. He considered it to be in the best interest of the community.


The Traffic Management Team Leader (Eden) advised that there would be social media posts about the restriction and what it means, she would identify legitimate parking spaces and would work closely with Parish Councils in relation to these matters.  She would address the signage concerns received through the consultation and would be working with the LDPNA in relation to their signage works.


The Chair put the recommendation to the Committee. This was agreed by assent.


RESOLVED, that Having taken into account the representations which were received during the statutory consultation and advertisement, and having also taken into consideration the matters contained in Section 122(2) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 which are more specifically referred to at paragraph 7.2 of the Report, that Eden Local Committee agrees to The County Council of Cumbria (C3042 Pooley Bridge) (Known locally as Howtown Road) (Main

Carriageway Clearway and Prohibition of Stopping on Verge) Experimental Order 2021 (the ETRO) being made permanent, save that the exemption at Article 4(h) shall be amended to read as follows:-


(h) a farm or other vehicle waiting on the main carriageway referred to in Article 3 while any gate or other barrier at the entrance to premises to which the vehicle requires access, or from which it has emerged, is opened or closed, if it is not reasonably practicable for the vehicle to wait otherwise than on that carriageway and/or to enable farm vehicles to undertake any duties within the extents of the carriageway or verge when no alternatives are available;

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