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[Electoral Divisions: Aspatria]


To consider a report from the Executive Director – Economy and Infrastructure


A report was considered from the Executive Director – Economy and Infrastructure. The report advised that anapplication had been received to correct the mistaken registration of common land register units CL456 and CL457. The purpose of the report was to request Members to make a decision as to whether the application should be granted, and a correction made to the Council’s register of common land.


The Commons Officer made his presentation using plans and photographs.


There were no member questions on this application.


Mr McGuckin moved that the recommendation as set out in the report be agreed. He commented on how these types of applications were determined by observing and researching people’s historic rights and praised the successes of the Commons process in keeping the register accurate. He explained that the argument against the application was a vague memory from the 1920’s of a village green, which in all circumstances would’ve been unlikely. He commended officers on their work.


Mr Bingham talked about Inclosure history in Cumbria and seconded the motion.


The Chair moved to the vote which was cast as follows: 14 in favour of the motion, 0 against and 0 abstentions.


RESOLVED that, the Committee accepts the application and resolves to amend the common land register by deregistering common land units CL456 and CL457, on the grounds that the land in question, immediately before its provisional registration, was not land subject to rights of common, waste land of a manor, a town or village green or land of a description specified in Section 11 of the Inclosure Act 1845.

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