Agenda item


(1)       Mr B Wernham will ask the Local Committee to carry out a safety assessment on the Cavendish Terrace junction and consider any safety measures eg ‘no right turn’ sign or a speed warning indicator sign.


(2)       There are no public statements or petitions to be considered at this meeting.



(1)       Mr B Wernham raised his concerns regarding the speed of traffic on Stanwix Bank and drew attention to a recent road traffic accident which had taken place.  He asked the Local Committee to carry out a safety assessment on the Cavendish Terrace junction and consider any safety measures such as a ‘no right turn’ sign or speed warning indicator sign.  Members were informed that Carlisle Cricket Club had positioned a ‘no right turn’ sign on their land at the entrance to the venue.


            The local Member for Stanwix Urban acknowledged the difficulties regarding the junction and explained that the County Council had previously implemented a number of safety measures as well as the Carlisle Casualty Reduction and Safer Highways Group investigating the matter.  Members were informed a consultation had previously been undertaken which had resulted in representatives from Stanwix School raising concerns because of the potential increase in traffic on Church Street and the surrounding areas of the School.


            The local Member drew attention to the problems with regards to the positioning of signs on Cavendish Terrace due to it being a private unadopted road.


            With reference to the recent collision which had taken place the local Member advised that no action would be considered until further details of the incident were available.


            Mr Wernham asked a supplementary question as to how the matter would be handed over to the relevant Community Panel of the new Cumberland Authority and whether the Chair of the Local Committee would present a plan to the new Authority.


            The Chair thanked Mr Wernham for bringing his concerns regarding the safety of the Cavendish Terrace junction to the attention of the Carlisle Local Committee and gave the following response:-


            “As a responsible authority, the safety of our residents is of utmost importance to us, and we appreciate your efforts in ensuring the same.


            You have suggested a few safety measures, such as ‘no right turn’ sign and speed warning indicators.  While we appreciate your suggestions, as Cavendish Terrace is a private road right turn manoeuvres would mainly be used by residents who are already familiar with the road layout.  Hence, if they have concerns, they are likely to take an alternative route.


            We have only recorded one collision in the last five years involving a vehicle making a right turn manoeuvre out of Cavendish Terrace.  However, we have taken note of the recent collision that you have informed us about on Stanwix Bank and we will look into the details of the incident.


            In order to implement a ‘no right turn’ restriction on Cavendish Terrace we would require a Traffic Regulation Order and an agreement with the landowner and the residents.  Additionally, a suitable alternative route would be necessary from the junction.  The first diversion route traffic could take would be to proceed along Stanwix Bank then using Mulcaster Crescent, Knowe Terrace and Church Street to return southbound, which takes traffic past two entrances to Stanwix Primary School, thus increasing traffic for children walking to and from school.


            There are no suitable locations for signs opposite the junction due to the wide road layout, but the landowner could consider providing advisory signs on the approach to the Cavendish Terrace junction on the private road.


            We appreciate your efforts to make the community safer and welcome any further suggestions that you may have. “


(2)       Mr Reay attended the meeting and raised his concerns regarding flooding in Grinsdale village because of blocked pipes due to debris and asked whether they could be replaced with larger pipes to try and alleviate the problems.


            The local Member for Dalston and Burgh emphasised the long?standing problem at Grinsdale and highlighted the restricted access to the village during heavy rainfall when the ground was saturated.


            The Chair thanked Mr Reay for drawing this to the attention of the Local Committee and it was agreed the Local Area Highways Network Manager would arrange for a site visit to be undertaken with appropriate officers to investigate this matter further.


(3)       There were no statements or petitions to be considered at this meeting.