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Effects of 5G on Human Heath and Wildlife

We the undersigned petition the council to Engage the services of independent experts on the effects of Low Level Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) so as to understand the negative effects on Human Health and wildelife, in particular avain and pollinator species.

There are many examples of reported negative health effects on residents who have installed so called "smart" meters. Further, many examples exist of avian species and pollinators being affected when 5G is turned on. In Holland when 5G was switched on birds fell out of the sky. Examples in the UK incude Coventry and Totness but there are many more. While the aim of smart meters is to inform electricity users as to useage and efficiency they are "sold" on the basis of both saving money and the planet. However, no credible scientific studies have been undertaken to assertain what the risks to both human health and wildlife are.

This ePetition ran from 16/10/2019 to 21/05/2020 and has now finished.

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