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Safer Pedestrian Crossings Kingstown Road

We the undersigned petition the council to Provide a safe Pedestrian crossing across Kingstown Road (A7) between the Moorville Road end and Bannatyne's Gym.

The aim of this petition is to show support for a pedestrian crossing to be installed on Kingstown Road. The current traffic islands next to the Gosling Bridge and just before Bannatyne's Gym are not adequate for the volume of traffic now on Kingstown Road and the volume of pedestrians especially during peak school run times. The traffic islands are not big enough to accommodate more than one buggy or mobility scooter leaving others stranded mid-way through crossing.

With the new housing estate of Tarraby View now being home to many families whose children attend Kingmoor School as well as those from existing houses it is important we have a safe crossing to school for our children and for all other local residents. The council are well aware of the increase in traffic given the traffic lights now installed coming from the junction at Windsor Way to allow for additional cars. However there has been no such additional consideration for pedestrians or children cycling/scooting to school.

With the council and national government trying to encourage more people to 'go green' and use their cars less it seems only logical to therefore provide safe crossing points especially on busy roads to allow pedestrians to cross safely. This will in turn promote more families walking and cycling to school.

Please sign this petition to make the council aware of the issue. The ultimate aim is to reduce the chance of accidents occurring for pedestrians on Kingstown Road.

This ePetition runs from 10/05/2022 to 24/06/2022.

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