Meeting attendance

Wednesday, 10th March, 2021 10.30 am, County Council Local Committee for Barrow

Venue:   This will be a virtual meeting, therefore, will not take place in a physical location. To view this event please click link below:

Contact:    Lynn Harker

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance Attendance comment
Anne Burns Committee Member Present
Frank Cassidy Committee Member Present
Des English Committee Member Present
Derek Gawne Committee Member Present
Kevin Robert Hamilton Chair Present
William (Bill) McEwan Vice-Chair Present
Ben Shirley Committee Member Expected
Helen Wall Committee Member Present
Sol Wielkopolski Committee Member Expected
Melvyn Henry (Mel) Worth Committee Member Present
Roy Worthington Committee Member Present
Lesley Graham Officer Expected
Lynn Harker Officer In attendance
Tracey Ingham Officer In attendance
Rob Lewis Officer In attendance
Alison Meadows Officer In attendance
Simonetta Tiribocchi Officer Expected
Victoria Upton Officer Expected